The 6 Best Graphic Design Trends In 2021

The graphic trends of last year have gone through many noticeable changes. Many marketers opted for minimalist design, with black and white being the most widely used colour scheme.


2021 will be a reflection of last year’s evolution in terms of graphic design and digital marketing. Loud and dynamic visuals will dominate the graphic design industry. In that case, create visually appealing graphics and ads to stand out from the competition.


This year, be ready to take bold risks by channelling your creativity and imagination into graphic design. Here are some of up and coming design trends in 2021.




1. The Bauhaus Style

Bauhaus Design


The Bauhaus style is an influential art movement that originated in a German art school called “The Staatliches Bauhaus”. The school is widely known for its unique approach to design, with the school’s art style influencing modernist architecture and architectural education.


Nowadays, you can witness the influence of the Bauhaus art style and movement everywhere, even in the digital marketing industry. The Bauhaus style is making another notable comeback in the form of graphic design. The goal is to present a clear-cut message, with geometric shapes and vibrant colours as your primary elements.


2. 3D Visuals

3D Web Design


3D objects add a touch of reality to any visual element. You can transform any 2D object to 3D, and it will quickly become more interactive and realistic from the viewer’s perspective.


3D visuals are going to be another game-changer for graphic designers and SEO specialists this 2021. By adding 3D objects to your website, you can instantly make your customer’s digital experience more engaging and appealing. Choose this art style if you want to go for a more modern and immersive website.


3. Symbols

Symbols For Graphics Design


When it comes to graphic design, the small details matter the most. A simple change of your symbols can make a big difference to your SEO rankings.


Focus on creating eye-catching symbols for your website. The goal is to present your brand image and make it stand out by using captivating visual elements, such as lines, colours, textures, and shapes.


Create or use a symbol that will reflect the vision and story behind your brand. Search for recognisable figures from history and pop culture, and use them as a reference for your graphic design strategy. Doing so should allow you to invent a symbol that will resonate with your target audience.


4. Retrofuturism

Retro Futurism Design


Retrofuturism refers to an early art movement that depicts the future from past eras. Its art style is related to science fiction subgenres, such as cyberpunk, steampunk, and dieselpunk.


Today, retrofuturism is becoming more and more popular, with movies and games such as Blade Runner and Cyberpunk 2077 as examples of artworks heavily influenced by science fiction. Retrofuturistic art may not be 100% realistic, but it showcases the fantasies and imaginations of what the future may look like from a bygone era.


Try designing your artworks with retrofuturism as your inspiration if you want to achieve a timeless look. This type of art movement works best for companies in technological fields and industries.


5. Cartoons

Cartoon Graphic Design


Try creating a mascot for your business in the form of cartoon characters. Similar to symbols, cartoons can represent your brand image in many ways. Your cartoon character can embody the personality and voice of your brand.


Use an art style that perfectly captures the essence of your business. Experiment with various drafts of your cartoon characters to see which one works best for your brand image. Start by conceptualising the art style for your cartoon, and determine if it represents your brand accurately.


6. Monochrome And Duotone

Monochrome And Duotone Graphic Design


The monochrome or duotone colour scheme is nothing new to digital marketing and graphic design. For this type of art style, simplicity is the key to success. Use at least two colours as the centre of attention for your graphics and visuals. Pick a base colour that will set the mood and tone of the message you want to send.


Incorporate different shades and tones wisely as you create a simple colour scheme for your graphics or ads. The right balance of colours can make your artwork stand out immediately, allowing you to garner more views and improve your SEO rankings.


A monochrome or duotone colour scheme is ideal for making your brand image unique and original. Try using monochrome or duotone colours to create a remarkable graphic or ad that viewers will instantly recognise.




Graphic design is integral to digital marketing and SEO. To boost your rankings and improve your online presence, you need to attract attention first. Start by creating visually pleasing visuals to gain leads and set a positive first impression of your business.


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