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Change is the only constant in life, and over the past two years, we have seen many things shifted, evolved, and transformed only to stay in touch with the times. 


Even if that is the case, our reliance on websites will never, ever change anytime soon, at least in the foreseeable future. Especially now that many consumers are shopping more online due to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on consumer behaviour.


Before they can even make a purchase, consumers will visit a website, appreciate its design, and navigate web pages until they find something worth purchasing. 


That is the actual scenario happening to consumers in their purchase journey nowadays. Enhancing your website design to impress them is the only way to stand out against your competitors and nudge consumers to make a purchase.


Like in fashion, web design trends always come and go, so go all out or reinvent past web design layout styles. The sky’s the limit when it comes to experimentation. With this said, here are some of the web design trends that you should look out for and consider this 2022.

4 Web Design Trends To Expect In 2022


1. Scrollytelling

Another web design trend that you should consider implementing on the website design for a company is scrollytelling. Does the word sound familiar? It might be since scrollytelling has been part of web design trends for a couple of years now. 


Its concept turns traditional storytelling into an interactive experience is the reason behind the continuous trend of scrollytelling. Many businesses love this web design layout style because they can create an interactive connection with their target audience.


Shown below is an example of what a scrollytelling web design looks like. As the user scrolls down the website, a new chapter awaits them about who and what the brand has to offer.


Scrollytelling Web Design


Another good example of a scrollytelling web design is from Apple. If you are an iPhone or MacBook user, chances are you have already seen it. Scrolling down its web design will show you everything you need to know about the product Apple is selling.


In this case, Apple is showcasing the features of their latest model of iPhone through scrollytelling web design.


Scrollytelling Web Design From Apple


2. Horizontal Scrolling

From the web design trends that we have shared in this article, have you noticed one thing they have in common? All of them possess intuitive vertical navigation, and for their visitors to learn more about them, they have to scroll down to see everything. 


But that is not the case for horizontal scrolling since its navigation concept goes 180 degrees. Even if visitors scroll their mouse downward, this web design goes sideward. 


Here is an example of how horizontal scrolling web design works.


Horizontal Scrolling Web Design


3. Oversized Typography

With more consumers shopping online, the only way to capture their attention is to be bold. As Forresters said, 2022 is the year for savvy business owners such as yourself to be bold, and the creative way to do that is to revamp your website with an oversized typography web design


Oversized typography is a new and dramatic web design trend for this year. A simple promotional copy becomes a graphic element, which presents the brand in a more memorable and captivating way. 


There are two ways to use an oversized typography web design. One is to incorporate a minimalist layout like this one. 


Minimalist Oversized Typography Web Design


This GIF is an oversized typography web design that Garcia Salmeron uses on their website. 


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You can also implement an oversized typography web design on a creative and interactive layout such as the GIF below.  The owner of this portfolio website is Eva Herbarmann, a German actress that wants to showcase her acting skills.


Creative Oversized Typography Web Design


4. Split-Screen Aesthetics

Another web design trend going on this 2022 is split-screen aesthetics. The split layout adds contrast, visual intrigue, and natural content separation that tells more about what a brand and the things it can offer to its target audience. 


Many businesses with this web design use it as a terrific opportunity to experiment with colours, whether loud or contrasting combinations like black and white.


But BetterMe put a simple but creative twist on its web design. They added a short video instead to showcase what they have to offer.


Split Screen Aesthetics Web Design

This GIF is an example of a split-screen aesthetics web design from BetterMe.

What Do You Think?

Looking at these web design trends, 2022 will surely be an exciting year, not only for users and website owners but also web development experts. They can now exercise a freer way of designing websites while retaining the company’s brand identity. 


If you want a more focused website development team to work on your website, reach out to a web design agency like OOm. By outsourcing, you can now focus on other vital tasks in your business, just as these professionals would with the web design of your website.


For more tips and news about web design, check out our blog page today. You can also contact OOm at 6690 4049 or leave a message on our website to hear what you want to know about web design. 

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