2018’s Best SEO Blogs

Ahh yes! After a well-deserved vacation, OOm is back and since it’s the holiday season, we’ll be taking this slow.


It’s been a wild ride both for the SEO world with all these core updates, big or small and us personally; winning awards and those types of things. So to re start this old puppy up, we’ll be looking back at the best SEO Blogs this 2018. Do note that as an avid fan of some of these blogs, I will be extremely biased. This is my column. Enjoy it.



Right when I was a young novice at SEO (can’t say that I’m an expert now) Moz was one of the favorites. And it has been for years and years. This is mostly due to Rand and his hit show “White board Friday”. Unfortunately along the way, he quit Moz and moved on. Though the special touch and magic of Rand is already missing, the site did try to continue on with these types of blogs which are fun and more engaging. Why bore yourself with long droning texts when you can just watch the experts talk while they draw diagrams on a whiteboard right?



Moz stayed relevant throughout the years mostly because of the information there that gets updated. Like this cool history of every Google update that had happened since the beginning of the universe.



Search Engine Watch

Man, up until this day, I sometimes confuse these things from the other “search engine” titled websites / blogs we really like. But, much like its sisters, this blog site is definitely one of the best sources of information for anything SEO-ey. Not only that, it gives out news and other updates about businesses.



Search Engine Journal

Ahhh SEJ. How I wish Search Engine Watch had your pretty website design. Much like the last blog, SEJ features not only SEO tips that are completely competent and trustworthy, it also features news. Like that one about John Lewis’ set of choices about his Ad campaigns this year.



Search Engine Land

What is up with these names? Can you imagine them early in the days where SEO was still new, desperately coming up with the best Search engine-ey sounding names. Well, it worked.


Whenever there’s these weird anomalies messing up our traffic and rankings, these big three are the best ones we always go to. Not only do they have the best and latest sets of news about problems like algorithm changes for example, they also do their best to stay on that topic and make a series of posts to it.


SEO By The Sea

If you’re wanting to get the best out of a keyword, you include it on your name.

Also, be one of the best sources of SEO information out there that even includes web spam topics and analytics. You’ll also need to do this for almost 20 years. Man, Bill Swalski is #Dedicated



SEM Rush Blog

Wow, kind of late in the game, but still in it. The tool SEM rush made their own section of Blog and it’s actually really good. You’ll notice that there are already more and more of these popping up. Yoast has a blog too in fact and you should all check it out.



Kaiser The Sage

For years, no “best SEO Blogs of the year” list would be complete without Jason Acidre’s very own blog, Kaiser The Sage. Just hearing that name, you know that this ain’t your usual “search engine super blog”. Right from the beginning, (and this is not me fan boying) I’ve seen this blog as somewhat of an underground source of information. See, what Jason writes here are mostly things that he had already tested out himself. There’s not much extenders in these dumplings, if you know what I mean. This makes the blog more credible.


It even says on the front page:


“trusted by the world’s leading digital marketing publishers” where Search Engine Land’s and MOZ’s logos are pasted on.


Right about this point, I would like to point out that these are only our opinions. If you think there are better blogs out there, you can share them all on the comments where we share our content! Let’s shine some light on the underground scene of SEO.


As for us, we’d really like to be one of the best too when it comes to blogs related to SEO.  To do that, like much of the blogs above and so many other great giants out there, we’ll be moving on to more exciting topics. Topics that we have more knowledge on where, like our heroes above, have been tested rigorously. Yes, we’ve been doing our homework, and we’ll be flexing really soon.