3 Reasons You Should Use Structured Data for SEO

Whenever we want to know something, all we have to do is search it through our phone then Google will give the most relevant information and options with a few taps of our fingers. 


But have you ever wondered how Google could gather and show accurate answers within a few seconds? Moreover, how do some brands get features dominantly on the search engine result pages?


The answer behind this phenomenon is structured data. This method can make your business more visible to potential customers. Using structured data for search engine optimization (SEO) can help them find your ecommerce business right away when they search for specific terms related to your products or services.


If you have not heard of structured data before, do not worry, we are here to help you understand what it is and why you should use it with your ecommerce business’s SEO. Just keep reading to know the answers. 

What Is Structured Data?


What Is Structured Data


Besides its alternative name, schema markup, structured data is a type of code that provides and describes the content of a page. By doing so, search engines would have an easier time crawling, organising, and displaying your content on SERPs.


Thus, it is safe to say that structured data communicates with search engines by giving them clues on what the page is all about. Similar to meta tags, structured data is an invisible layer of information that search engines read so they can provide searchers with the most relevant answers to their concerns. 


Therefore, if you use structured data in your ecommerce business’s SEO strategy, you can expect your website content to become more visible to your potential customers. 


To further convince you, here are the benefits you can expect once you use structured data. 

3 Benefits of Using Structured Data

1. Controls How Your Business Appears on SERPs.

When you use structured data together with your ecommerce business’s SEO practices, expect more information to show up on SERPs. 


Besides the title, URL, and meta description, there will be other details such as eye-catching visuals that can help get the attention of your potential customers. All of them can help make your content more alive and engaging that outshines your competitors. 


To guarantee that would happen, consider applying these examples of structured data recommended by Google. Each one can help you stand out from the competition. Among all of them, the following are what ecommerce businesses should use.


  • FAQs
  • Review Snippets
  • How-to
  • Product


These four can help your potential customers with their decision-making process. With in-depth information they find on search results related to your products or services, they can weigh the pros and cons and make the right choice.


2. Content Gets Indexed Faster.

With 4.31 billion pages and counting, search engines like Google would not be able to crawl the entire web by themselves. That is why using structured data is necessary since it would be easier for search engines to determine which one is the most relevant to the searcher’s intent with the additional information you would be adding to your web pages. 


In other words, if you use structured data on your web pages, they will get indexed faster by Google, and when your potential customers search related to your products or services, your web page will pop up on their SERPs.


3. Higher Conversion Rates.

Since your ecommerce business would show up as the most relevant to the searcher’s intent, the higher the chance they will pay attention to you. And when they do, they will most likely click on your web page to read the full content it has. 

The Bottom Line

Structured data is one of the little things that can indirectly affect your search engine rankings. That is why consider using it together with your ecommerce business’s SEO strategy so you can outshine your competitors on SERPs. 


For more information about structured data, get in touch with an ecommerce SEO agency in Singapore. Contact OOm at 6690 4049, so we can lend you a hand and resolve your concerns.