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Building an SEO-friendly website without prior experience and skills might take some time because you have to grasp the basics of search engine optimisation and website development before putting all of them into practice. The result of your website creation might not be on par with professionals. In that case, consider relying on experts instead. Choose and hire the right web design and development company in Singapore by considering these five factors: 1) Create a Responsive Website; 2) Determine If They Have SEO Experience; 3) Examine Their Past Portfolio; 4) Read Reviews; and 5) Understand Their Workflow And Price. Besides that, there are four things you need to prepare before contacting the web design and development company of your choice for your business in Singapore: 1) Your Brand Assets, 2) The Type of Website You Need, 3) Establish Your Budget, and 4) Understand Your Timeline.

When trying to build an SEO-friendly website, hours of stress and frustration are inevitable. The task requires an expert who is skilled and highly experienced in web design and development.


With so many agencies in the market, business owners should consider looking for a web design and development company in Singapore that can build not just a website but an SEO-friendly one so it can reach more potential customers.


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An SEO-friendly website means the bots of search engines can crawl through web pages, analyse the content, and index it in their database so it will appear on search engine results pages (SERPs) when someone researches something related to it. 


Working with a professional web design expert and developer to build your website is simple, but the most challenging part is choosing the right web design and development company in Singapore to help you. To guarantee you will make the right choice, we listed down the things you need to consider and do before you reach out to anyone.

5 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Web Design And Development Company In Singapore


1. Build A Responsive Website

When choosing a web design and development company, make sure they can build a responsive website. A responsive website refers to a web design that adapts its entire structure according to the user’s device.


For example, once your business’s website becomes responsive, they can use their smartphone to browse through your web pages. They no longer need to pinch the screen to read the text and check out products’ images.


Furthermore, Pew Research has found that 45% of internet users prefer browsing through their smartphones. If you do not have a responsive website, expect your potential customers might not be able to access it.



2. Determine If They Have SEO Experience

Since you plan to build an SEO-friendly website, the web design company should have enough search engine optimisation (SEO) experience. With that knowledge, you can be reassured that the web design of your business will be SEO-friendly that can further gain traffic, leads, and conversions to grow your business. 


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Determine If They Have SEO Experience


If you are wondering what SEO means, it is a method that allows you to help the web pages of your website rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs) when users type in their search queries on search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. The higher the ranking of the web pages, the more people will be able to stumble upon your website and consider checking out your products or services


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3. See Their Past Portfolio

Every web design company in Singapore has a portfolio that contains its previous projects. Seeing their past works first helps you determine whether they are as good as they say before hiring your chosen web design agency to build your business’s website.


See Their Past Portfolio

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Once you have checked through their portfolio, you can discern their level of expertise in website creation in Singapore, from their creativity to different industries they have worked with.


4. Read Reviews

Before you let anyone else build you a website for your business, first, you need to know who they are. Doing so will help you become more at ease when you start working with a web design agency.


Research About The Company Background

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Apart from reviewing its About Us page, reading reviews of other businesses who have worked with your preferred web design agency can give you more details about their level of expertise and how good their customer service is. Most feedback you read will often describe how good the service they have experienced. 


Looking through all of these will offer you more valuable insight into your chosen web design and development agency. It can help you choose carefully and make the right and informed decision. If you cannot find any customer reviews on their website, go to their Google My Business and Facebook Business page to check the feedback from their clients. 


5. Know Their Workflow And Price

Since you will be working with your prospective web design company, you need to learn their workflow and the cost of their web design services. Knowing all of these will help you understand their team structure, the professionals involved who will set up your business’s website, and plan your budget before the website creation begins. 

4 Things You Need To Prepare Before You Contact The Web Design And Development Company In Singapore

Chances are you already have a preferred web design agency that will set up a website for your business. However, before you reach out to them, you need to prepare your brief for the web design and development company to know more about the requirements. 


1. Your Brand Assets

The first step in website design is to build a website with your branding. Hence, you need to prepare  your brand assets for the web design and development company.


Your Brand Assets

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Your brand assets include the company logo, typeface, brand colours, graphic elements, images, and brand guidelines. Preparing all of these will help ease the entire process of website creation. Be sure to prepare these, including the privacy policy and other content, so your website is ready before going live. 

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2. Type of Website You Need

The type of website a business needs highly depends on their industry. For example, if your business sells different products online, you need an e-commerce website.


Type of Website You Need

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Meanwhile, if your business is an online forum that lets other people discuss their thoughts and opinions like Reddit or Quora, you should get a forum website. On the other hand, if your business focuses on lead generation, your website should be designed to drive lead enquiry sign-ups.


There are different types of websites, so make sure to highlight to the agency you are engaging on the type of website you need. Knowing your ideal type of website can help meet your business goals and ease website creation in Singapore


3. Determine Your Budget

Hiring a web design and development company involves costs, from web design services to the professional fees of your hired experts. Before you hire one for your business, you need to set your budget. 


Determine Your Budget

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To do so, you have to research how much your chosen web design service can cost. Reach out to several web design companies to ask for their packages and quotations to compare the pricing of their web design and development services. 


Also, do note that the cheapest may not be the best option. To know if it works for you, weigh out the benefits and packages included in the web development package against the price to measure the cost-effectiveness.


4. Know Your Timeline

Designing a web design for a company’s website takes a lot of time and a series of changes before going live. Plan ahead of time to avoid any delays. You should also update your social media to inform your target audience about the website upgrades and update on alternative methods on how your audience can reach your business while the website is undergoing revamp. You would also need to inform your target audience so they know when they get access to it. 



Know Your Timeline

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The average turnaround time of website creation often takes around two months depending on the complexity as well as the client’s approval processes. The more complex your request in building your website, the longer it will take before it goes live, and your customers can browse through its website and shop for their needs.


Regardless of industry, a business needs to build a user-centric and SEO-friendly website to expand its reach across SERPs.  A quality website not only helps you increase conversions, but it will also aid in establishing your company’s branding! 


Consider using the tips mentioned in the article and find the right web design and development company that will set up your business’s website.


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