5 Ways for Keeping your Brand Relevant

In a competitive digital landscape, striving to stay on top is a struggle. Most of the time, it’s not about being number one anymore, but rather trying to stay relevant!


“Relevance” is a term that some brands tend to overlook. Failing to adapt to the changing times is a huge mistake, especially for giant corporations or firms.


If your brand is struggling to stay relevant in an ever-changing environment, what else can you do stay on top? Here are 5 ways your brand can stay relevant in today’s digital landscape.



1. Customer communication

No matter how skilled or how efficient your brand is, never assume what your customers want. Don’t think that your brand and your customers think alike just because business is blooming. This is what makes customer communication an essential tactic for staying relevant.


Everything begins with the utterance of one or two words. A simple phrase like “Hello, how may I help you?” can easily get the job done if you want to know what your customer wants. With only 6 words, you can acquire vital information regarding your customer’s wants and needs.


Engaging with customers should always be your priority, but there’s also more than one way to do it. Besides one-on-one communication, how else can you communicate with your customers?


  • Public forums are a great avenue for starting conversations with two or more individuals. Instigate a topic regarding your services and wait for your customers to join in the conversation.
  • Chatbots are basically a computer program designed to function with automatic responses. As of now, chatbots are still in the progress of development for further improvements. Just wait until the future where chatbots might even replace customer service representative entirely.


2. Be observant on social media

Social media is effective for multiple reasons. It’s great for customer communication, creating brand identity, and digital marketing. But most of all, social media is great for observing real-time events.


Use social media as your eyes and ears. Pay attention to what’s happening 24/7 and let social media be your medium for observation.


What do your customers want? Hear them out by observing the public’s demands on social media. Almost every outcry, rant, and praise can be seen if you pay attention to your customers online.


Observe the ins and outs of modern trends. See what’s popular by observing changes and adjustments being made in today’s landscape. 


Nothing ever remains stagnant, especially with the world’s thirst for change. Keep up the pace and be observant on social media.


3. Be ready for change

As previously mentioned, change is inevitable. You have to be constantly prepared for the demands of the consumer, so it’s essential to know what’s happening all the time.


The marketplace is always in a constant state of flux. With brands like Nike, Apple, and Coca-Cola being on top, have you ever wondered why they’re still mega-popular? It’s because they’re always ready for change. They go with what the consumer wants without losing originality.


Your brand should always be ready for constant changes. Plans don’t always go accordingly, so prepare for on-the-fly adjustments whenever needed. Once you see the opportunity, take advantage and seize the prize!


4. Envision multiple plans

Just like how Batman always has a contingency plan for almost any possible outcome, it’s best for your brand to envision multiple plans for the future.


Nothing ever stays the same, and this is mostly true as previously mentioned. While you probably have a plan set in motion, it’s wise to think of backup plans in case changes are needed.


Most of the time, the average consumer will want something a little different every now and then. And while the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is mostly true, you won’t achieve expected results if you stick with the same plan forever. Envision multiple plans with different outcomes by laying out a blueprint of different options whenever adjustments are needed.


Remember, you don’t always have to stray from the plan that’s set in motion. Try to add something to your vision that might spice things up a bit for the better. This way, you might stay loyal to your loyal customers while you attract newcomers as well.


5. Loyalty matters

For every brand, there are customers who are very faithful and loyal. No matter how small that customer base may be, those numbers are still potentially beneficial. Prioritise loyalty to keep those customers at bay at all times.


How can you show your customers that your brand is loyal? Start by prioritising your customers. Always put them first as long as it’s ethical, and attend to their needs at all times. Any type of consumer will appreciate a business that’s easily responsive to their needs.


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