9 Tips to Make Selling Facebook Cover Photos

In the age where social media marketing is at its height, videos and images have also become a powerful tool to persuade the market. Apart from engaging content and posts, your overall profile relies on two main factors: your display photo and your cover photo. Surely, your primary image can easily be your company logo. But for the cover photo, you can be more creative as you want. Here are 9 tips on how to make a selling cover photo on Facebook.


Facebook Action

It seems that digital marketing is filled with promise for brands to thrive. Every brand desires a piece of the Facebook action! This is because for social media marketing in Singapore, this platform is the most popular. Make the brand alive by creating regular posts for the consumer to see. However, simply showing a post is not enough. The presence of an appealing cover photo is crucial. Since efforts are to sell the brand, know about how this main photo stands out.


Certain Specifications

They say that first impressions last in seeing a photo. Believing this leads to following certain specifications. When the photo is tempting to click, the action begins for the consumer! For this wide image, the latest size is 315 pixels for the height and 851 pixels for the width. Saving it on the computer has to be below 100KB. Putting it on the Facebook album entails a checked box for high-quality. In this manner, quality and resolution are maintained in a favourable degree. Regarding uploading, it has to be .jpg as the file extension name. The profile for the colour is sRGB.


Emotional Connection

In the practice of Facebook marketing in Singapore, the choice of the cover photo has to be eye-catching! Acting as a knock on the consumer’s door, tease him to click it at first glance. When the product or service is of interest, the possibility of this action is higher. Having a great glimpse of the brand is essential. Reach out to the consumer emotionally by presenting a winning image! To be certain that the image fits properly, it is possible to crop it.



By showing a splendid cover photo, accompany it with a call-to-action. This is found on the lower right part where an option is customised for it. Although it functions separately from the photo, it is able to generate leads for the brand. When the photo is engaging, it may convince the consumer to read the brand profile. The website of the brand may be seen out of interest. Details for this button are modified on the page admin. It is essential that the details are clear.


Related to Profile Photo

With the brand image as the basis, Facebook marketing in Singapore has to be related to it. The cover photo has to speak for itself in terms of the brand. A clear message is conveyed to the consumer. Practice consistency for branding to portray a positive form of expression. For other mediums of communication, the same colours and imagery have to be displayed. Make the relationship between the profile photo and the cover photo easy to understand and see.


Video with Impact

As an alternative to a cover photo, it is an option to put a video that has an impact on the consumer. Remember that there are specifications to follow just like the photo. For the duration of the video clip, it has a limit of 20 to 90 seconds. In this quick clip, the consumer understands what the brand is all about. Also, it is possible that he becomes interested in the product or service. Connecting with the consumer through a short video may be more engaging!


Mobile Platform

It is part of social media marketing in Singapore for this platform to be compatible on mobile as well. Since the smartphone is portable and accessible in public, bear in mind that the cover photo may be cropped on a tiny screen. When seen on mobile, it only appears as a tiny square. Most likely, the middle part of the photo is the only one visible to the consumer. Unfortunately, the image has to be the same on both computer and mobile. Be certain that on 360 pixels height and 640 pixels width, it remains clear.


Convincing for Sharing

A cover photo is meant to be shared to the consumer. When it is seen on the Facebook feed and generates interest, the ‘share’ button may be pressed. Catching the attention of the consumer is the ultimate desire! Emotions that are present in the photo connect to the consumer. Be convincing and show an inspiring hashtag for the brand. Preference for bright colours awakens the consumer in seeing the image. It is also feasible that the colours of the brand are displayed.


Short Text

The simpler the cover photo for Facebook marketing in Singapore, the more impact it produces for the consumer. When there is a slogan that appears on it, keep it short. With this written text, it is essential that the consumer knows what the brand wants.


With these in mind in creating a brand cover photo, make it worth remembering. After all, first impressions last.