Are Dead Domains Still Useful?


Back in the day. We humans learned that the corpses littered all around us should be buried to avoid diseases and infections. Later, we discovered science and we started to further appreciate everything and learn about the different uses of things. Including dead things. We’ve even had fictional stories all inspired by these, like Frankenstein. Now, we’re not saying we can already revive the dead these days.

We can’t…right?



I’m just saying that not everything that’s broken and done out there is totally useless.

Now that this comedic (apparently only to me) morbid metaphor has got your attention, in our little own SEO world, dead things can still be useful.


Like eager evil scientists, let’s slip into our gloves and dive deep into making dead domains useful again.

As we all know, nothing lasts forever. Even the domains of websites. These things expire for a number of reasons. But like what was mentioned before, dead things can still be useful. In this case, imagine if you get to have a whole pack of re animated expired domains that you own that you can use for your own campaigns.



If you get to shop around long enough you will get to see domains that just expired that still has a substantial amount of traffic.


That’s right, even after death …I mean, “expiration”, these domains will still have traffic running in them. Much like the good bacteria we have in our bodies after death. They’ll keep on functioning, eating your insides.


For domains, we kinda need to step in quick if we want to exploit that amount of traffic. These days, people are smarter and search engines are also dangerously smarter. So once everyone notices that this domain has expired. That will quickly be thrown into in-existence.


Next is the hidden gold. A good backlink profile.


Yes, there is always a chance that these domains will have a whole bulk of well-established and high quality back links. Another reason for you to un-earth these expired domains and re use them.


Since Google does consider domain age as one of the factors in ranking a website, getting to uncover a dead domain that’s aged well and has got a particularly good amount of traffic is a jackpot.


Remember that age can give you a bit of authority too. Just make sure that when you acquire this dead domain that you get to fix it back up to shape with all that technical onsite and offsite SEO strategies.


However. Much like all the horror movies, there’s always a catch.


You will need to be careful of these expired domains if they have secret troubled past.

Remember that movie The Autopsy of Jane Doe? Where the (SPOILERS) father and son mortuary duo stumbles upon a corpse of a woman? It turned out that this particular body has some sort of evil curse with it.



It’s good, man. Watch it.


The same goes with expired domains. Once you find them, it’s best that you get to investigate as much as you can first before you buy them. There are expired domains that’s got penalties in them. Records of all those years they existed and didn’t follow Google’s rules. If ever though that you discover these things out a bit too late, there can always be ways to work around them.


Another thing is that the higher the age and authority of a domain, the higher the price can be. So all of that combined with the possible problem of the penalty histories can be such a hassle all in all.


But, like the insatiable need of every protagonist on every horror film, you just gotta get out there and do your thing.


You need to face these risks in order to experiment and utilize all of these things to your SEO campaigns. Which is a good thing.