Best SEO Reporting Tools

In order to foster a good and healthy relationship, transparency must be practised between two parties. One strategy to achieve this is to have clear, honest, and consistent communication at all times – the same is true in the world of search engine marketing in Singapore. SEO reporting, and having the right tools to create a good one, is one way to make sure this type of relationship is formed between an agency and its clients.


What are SEO reports?

SEO reports – otherwise known as analytics – are utilised to update clients or stakeholders on their company website’s performance in search engine results. The SEO analyst grades a website in accordance with the number of elements that are considered essential for high page ranking.


For SEO companies, it is a way to share their conclusions, demonstrate trustworthiness, and accountability for results. But more importantly, SEO reports allow agencies to showcase the value of their work and strengthen their relationship with their clients.


On the other hand, stakeholders and clients find it as a useful tool to identify areas of his/her website that require enhancement or rectify any mistakes that might be hindering it to rank high in search engine results. Furthermore, it helps them measure impact and monitor the progress of his/her site.


Basic Components of SEO Reports

The standard report comprises an introduction to what the client’s website is about – its server speed, chronological age, the quantity of visitor – as well as who the competition is on the internet search engine result which is usually the first 10 results that show on Google.


Any good SEO report will also provide a few basic metrics, including:


  • Traffic
  • Bounce rate
  • Average time on site
  • Visited pages
  • Rankings for important keywords


These metrics are crucial for the business end of things as they help determine how well an SEO strategy is accomplishing its goal. However, certain tools are required to get all of these.


What are SEO Reporting Tools?

Creating an effective SEO report is only half of the job, one must have the right reporting tool which is a necessary investment for companies in search engine Optimization in Singapore. These are the software that SEO specialists utilise to generate automated reports that have all the necessary information and important key performance indicators. Furthermore, it provides data needed to flag action items and run an effective campaign.


There are several SEO reporting tools available in Singapore. In order to choose the right one, it must have the following components:


  • Cost-to-value ratio
  • Accurate & regional data
  • User-friendly
  • Strong suite of features
  • Ability to customise reports
  • Client integration
  • Ability to white label reports
  • Access to support resources
  • Integration with third-party tools
  • Automation
  • Scalability
  • Continually improving & updating features


Best SEO Reporting Tools

Based on what has been discussed so far, and the list mentioned above, here are some of the best SEO reporting tools that should be considered when creating a good and effective report:


Google Analytics

The most essential factor for SEO is organic ranking. Google has more than proved itself – accounting for more than 79 percent of global desktop search traffic and a 90 percent market share.


SE Ranking

If you are looking for a cost-effective tool, this is the right one for you. Aside from that, it features an impressive collection of SEO-related tools which includes backlink explorer, current and historical position tracking, keyword suggestion tool, and more.



This tool is all about backlink profiling, as well as competitive benchmarking which are both crucial for SEO. If you can comprehend and report on your backlink profile, you are more than equipped to fix issues and gather a healthy network of links. This, in turn, will help improve a website’s overall performance.


Regardless of the client’s specific goals, SEO reports must be created in a way that is straightforward, concise and easy to digest. If it is too long, clients can easily lose interest. On the other hand, making it too short or lacking data that is most relevant would give the wrong impression. This is why choosing an SEO agency in Singapore, who uses the right tools, is a decision that should not be taken lightly.


In practice, reporting SEO results is a tedious and time-consuming endeavour. However, creating a highly effective report is among the most significant areas of the whole process. This is something that we, an SEM company in Singapore, understand more than anything. After all, making sure our clients get the most out of our services is not only our pleasure but also our privilege.