Changing social norms (with social media as an effective platform)

You know how the saying goes: “All publicity is good publicity”. This can go many ways, of course, especially with how corporations are using ads nowadays. Just take a look at how Gillette managed to create a storm of mixed reception from audiences with their short film that was released last January. It received a lot of attention, both good and bad. The outcome though? That’s up for debate.


However, we can all agree with one thing. Gillette and their ad managed to stir the pot and gather a lot of publicity, both positive and negative. Still, there are a lot of other ways they could have handled it well. Looking further back, we can use Whisper and their movement “Like A Girl” as a perfect example.


Whisper and their brand Always successfully delivered an ad in 2014 while using their slogan “Like a Girl” as their driving force. The campaign from Leo Burnett sparked a lot of positive reactions from audiences and won the 2015 Emmy Award for outstanding commercial.



It’s an effective strategy to utilise social movements to gather enough publicity. The “Like a Girl” movement did really well enough to gain enough attention from their target market. But how exactly so? How is utilising social movements an effective strategy in this day and age?


Social issues attract attention

There’s no doubt the 21st century is defined by a reshaping of cultural norms, for better or for worse. Racism, sexism, and homophobia are just some of the main issues being tackled today. Although social issues were already tackled for over a hundred years, now is the best time to openly express each other’s opinions thanks to the internet.


Everyone has a voice. With the amount of freedom we have today due to advancements in technology, we can finally voice out what we have in mind.


Nowadays, it’s even easier for companies to take advantage of social movements by incorporating themes and issues in their campaigns. Such is the case for Always and their “Like a Girl” campaign. Always encouraged a change in culture by deviating from society’s norms, specifically the negative connotation “like a girl”.


It’s a daunting task to execute, but is nevertheless, a guaranteed way to spark publicity. In this modern age, incorporating social issues will gain enough attention, especially with the use of social media.


With so many people nowadays on their devices 24/7, there’s always a way to make sure an ad or campaign will reach its desired target market. Incorporating social issues is just one good example of attracting attention in this modern world.


Staying true to your target market

Always went loud and defended their target market by changing societal norms regarding the world’s negative view over the phrase “Like a Girl”. The reactions were positive, mainly from women and girls who felt the ad was empowering.


This strategy propelled the brand to stay true to their target market by relating to the audience. If there’s one effective way to get promote your brand, it’s to relate to your customers. Establishing a relationship with your customers is the main goal of every ad, and a campaign from Always proved to be safe and efficient in by doing so.



Incorporating social media as a platform

With powerful platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, it’s no doubt that companies will continue to thrive forward by incorporating effective digital techniques in their online endeavours. The capabilities of social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and many more, allow brands to establish a connection with customers on a more personal level. Not only that, but there’s a higher chance of reaching your target market by going digital.


Digital marketing is the way to go nowadays, and social media is one of the first steps brands should take if they want to push forward. With the emergence of social issues as an occurring trend, it’s no surprise brands are jumping in the #MeToo movement.


If a brand is thinking of utilising social themes in their campaigns, they better do it with proper intent and integrity. Just follow Always and how they managed to deliver a safe, honest, and integral campaign, and you’ll gain enough attention to gather good publicity.