Changing the game: How creative content drives traffic


Back in the early days of search engine optimization (SEO), the ranking factors were completely different. It was all about building links and maximizing keywords. Most SEO professionals back then use tactics that are now considered to be a black hat SEO. As the years passed, SEO has become much more advanced. The focus has shifted from technical aspects to creating quality content to build a brand. And with the rise of social media, search engine optimization had to innovate to stay in the game.


Content becomes essential in driving your blog’s traffic. Strategic content creation can grab people’s attention, educate the users about your brand, and introduce them to your products and services. Although there may come to a point where you will run out of ideas to propose in your website. Even if the medium to deliver your message may be unlimited, you still have to seek for more ways to keep your audience engaged and increase the readership of your content. It’s not just about creating interesting topics for your blog, but also creating different content formats to captivate readers.


Talk about your products and services


Hard sell in a soft way. More than just introducing your brand to your audience, you also have to educate the audience beyond your products and services. Explore more aspects to write about. You can create a stream of blog articles about your services to entice the readers’ interest with what you can offer. It’s also essential to maintain consistency to keep your audience tuned in.


Share news about your industry


Don’t just focus on your brand. Talk about the world that’s surrounding you. Make your blog a go-to source for what is happening around. Stay on top of relevant news online about the industry that you are in. Make sure to incorporate your brand in these contents. Updates about your industry include events, conferences, and new trends. Ride the momentum of current events by blogging about it and creating content to increase its leverage.


Give the users something to engage with


Plain reading may be boring. Give your audience something to spend time on when they are on your site. Creating an interactive content increases a user’s dwell time on your website and it fuels the interest of your readers. Quizzes, surveys, and polls are among the interactive content that can highly boost engagement and traffic on your content. More than just capturing the interest of your audience, posting interactive content can also give you tons of data. You can use this as a market research for more content ideas, or even for business improvement.


Listicles catch attention


People love lists. It’s easier for the readers to digest and implement information if it’s broken down to a list. Also, it’s more enticing to read listicles because they already know what to expect with each numbered post. You can curate content with tips and tricks about your niche to benefit your target market. It’s better to create articles that are relevant to your industry and put it in a list. Then, you can close it with suggestions and recommendations to leave your readers with something to value.


Tell people how to do things

People like hearing suggestions. It’s a good idea to create contents that provide actionable instructions to accomplish their goals, even if it’s just about using your products or services. You can start collating the frequently asked questions on your site and write articles about it to help your readers solve their problems. Make it simple and easy to follow. Make a step-by-step guide for clearer directions. Also, looking for solution is one of the main reasons why people go online. So, why not give it to them in the most creative way.


Talk more, gain more


Longer blog posts perform better in statistics. Google’s top ranking content has an average of 1,100 to 1,200 words. Longer contents means more avenue to give value to your readers. You can also incorporate more keywords to improve search engine optimization and link your references other websites. Although too much of texts can be overwhelming. Break down some each paragraph with photos or videos for easier reading. Maximize your content and dig deeper on your topics.


Don’t just write. Strategize.

With the help of SEO experts, and the current tools available in the market, you can now create a deeper analysis of your data and statistics. You can use these to your advantage by conceptualizing strategies to achieve your business goals. Once you have studied your market’s behavior, you can start to feed them with contents that can boost traffic and conversions.


Creativity is a vital aspect to capture attention, and it has become important to top the rankings these days. Spice up your blogs with fun quizzes, interesting lists, and new and relevant information. And to keep creating sensible strategies, it’s best to work with a team of professionals for your digital marketing campaigns. Consistently engage with your target market and drive your online traffic to success.


It all starts with a creative, powerful content.