Does Your Small Business Actually Need a Mobile App?

Apr 10 2019

Does Your Small Business Actually Need a Mobile App?

Written by Aj Aviado

Google Play Store is home to more than 3.5 million apps whereas the App Store houses over 2.2 million apps – and with these numbers, we can safely assume that a large portion of them are businesses that are running their own mobile application.


In the digital age, one area that’s steadily accelerating is app development, even amongst small businesses. A 2017 survey conducted by data analyst Clutch states that 42% of small business have a mobile app and the number is only expected to grow and the primary reason behind that is to improve their customer service.


However, today, it seems the demand for mobile app development is also fueled by businesses’ needs to become mobile-friendly and adapt fast enough to the emerging market. It’s for these reasons why the inclination of SMEs to develop their own app is understandable. An app that strengthens your brand image and boosts customer loyalty can be a significant way to increase your ROI.


But, of course, for you to fully commit to maintaining an app – which by the way can be costly and can take up a significant amount of your resources – it’s crucial that you understand the benefits of having a mobile app. So, in this article, we enumerate the ways.



• It adds value to your customers


Business is about providing value to your customers. You offer them products and services which they pay for a good price. So, to encourage them further to engage with you, you will want to provide them with a level of value they can’t avail anywhere else – and one way to do so is to develop an app.


One thing you can do with an app is to devise a loyalty program that will earn them points every time they purchase your products and services or interact with your business. Take Starbucks for example, the coffee company uses its app to offer rewards exclusively to subscribers, which then convinces them to buy from the brand. They’ve even made a step further in the game by offering the ability to pay from the app for added convenience.


• It establishes brand awareness


Another valuable benefit mobile app offers is increasing awareness and communication with your brand. But, more than initiating engagement with your target audience, you’re also fostering trust and recognition.


In the same way as giving out corporate gifts, mobile apps keep you from being out of sight, out of mind. The more you get your target market to download and actually use your app, the more they’ll be likely to buy your product – and it’s how the effective frequency rule in advertising works. To reap these benefits, keep in mind that your app should not only be well-designed and attractive, but functional and interactive as well.



• It boosts customer engagement


No matter what industry you are in, your customers need a way to reach your business. A messaging feature within your app can make a significant difference in the way your customers contact you. OpenTable, for instance, built its business around this concept. Instead of calling a restaurant to reserve a table, you can book it at your fingertips on their platform. Today, connecting with customers is no longer exclusive to face-to-face communication. Just think about the great number of customers who would prefer to communicate through text. If customer satisfaction is your utmost priority, as it should be, mobile apps would be your best bet.


• Increase Profits


In summary, all these benefits are geared towards increasing your sales. The more engaged and satisfied your customers are with your products and services, the greater the demand will grow – and rest assured, getting your business on mobile will provide you with some serious returns, despite being costly to develop and maintain.


Sure, you can have a website with interactive design, But, having a mobile app to go alongside with it can further improve your sales and enhance customer experience at the same time.


So, is a Mobile App For You?

With the way the world is going digital, establishing a solid online presence is crucial in order to stay ahead of the game. These points should solidify your decision to have a mobile app created for your business. But, fair warning, the work doesn’t end in developing an app, you have to constantly deliver value to your customers and only then you’re guaranteed that the hard work and effort put into creating your app will pay off, time and again. Does your business have an existing mobile app? Why or why not? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment!

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