Email Marketing: Is It Still Alive?


Merchants who want to give product updates to their patrons can do so through email marketing. After a purchase is bought from an establishment, a feedback form that asks for the email address can be received. There are certain industries that obtain a good open rate.


2018 MailChimp Industry Report

This is based on a 2018 MailChimp Industry Report. Brands that are related to hobbies are recognised with the highest open rate at 27.35%. Government service updates are also given a lot of attention with 26.52%. Creativity from the arts and artists likewise gain support at 26.03%. Religious services and products gain a following of patrons at 25.33%. There is also an unwavering volume of fans at 24.11% for non-profit. Sports events are deemed popular for having updates with 23.77%.


Rate Percentages

The percentage of the open rate is a reliable indicator. It is only one of the five important performance metrics for email marketing. When the email is opened, the link in the message is also measured for the click rate. In the scenario that the patron unsubscribes, this is a bad indicator. It means that the message has to be improved. Consider the number of complaints that the patrons give. Forwarding the email to others is also a metric.


All of these indicators have to maintain a healthy status. This leads to an email marketing campaign that is effective. The experts say that the open rate is the most valued. Thus, the subject line has to generate interest. By using a common provider of email, you have an edge for the calculation. The number of opened times is divided by the email volume sent. After getting the quotient, the number of bounces is deducted from it. To make it clearer, this is the formula. Open Rate = Unique Opens / (Number of Emails Sent – Bounces)



Benchmarking The Rate

MailChimp updates the percentages monthly. Each email list is different even though it comes from the same industry. There is tracking for the open rate and benchmarking done. Let the IT representative do this for the business. It is only the present percentages that can be benchmarked. In the past three to 12 months, browse through the email history. Make a chart for each kind of rate. In this manner, the movement of the chart is visible.



From this chart, get the average percentage per rate. Each individual rate is added up. The sum is divided by the email volume sent for that month. It is the quotient that becomes the baseline. Positive or negative outliers are noted. Observe any pattern that exists among the rates. The time of sending may also matter in the volume of open rates. A subject of high interest is opened more. It is ideal that the open rate has a goal. A direction is given to the email marketing campaign.


Segmentation of Subscribers

When benchmarking is done and the open rate is below average, it means a need for improvement. Make sure that the subscribers are qualified and active. Lead magnets are used to determine this. It is the target buyer who is given attention There has to be segmentation of subscribers. Basis can be location, interest, gender, and purchase history among others. Engage the subscriber to your email marketing campaign. Improve the open rate by 14.37%.



Delivery Time and Subject Line

In the morning, subscribers open merchant emails between 08:30-10:00. Sending in the afternoon is fine for 14:30-15:30. At night, 20:00 until 24:00 is good. Deletion of the email is less likely at these times. When the subject is direct, the open rate goes up. Arousing curiosity in the subject also works well. Both of these kinds of subject lines have to be executed. The presence of inactive subscribers is a nuisance.



Active and Inactive Subscribers

Get rid of these kinds of subscribers. Make the volume of deliverability an active one. For the past six months, check the subscriber’s status. Lack of response encourages a follow-up. However, if there remains none, deletion is permanent. As an alternative, this subscriber can be transferred to the non-priority list. Based on statistics, email is read on mobile 70% of the time. This means that the email sent has to be in sync with a smartphone.


Mobile Platform

For mobile convenience, keep the subject at six to 10 words. The appearance on mobile platforms is important. In using ALL CAPS for the message, it is equivalent to spam. Yelling is the last form of communication that the patron wants. Use phrases and keywords that pass the spam filter. On the From entry, remember that a known sender is more likely to have an open rate.   


These are the indicators of an email marketing campaign that remains active. Certain industries belong to the top five.