Establish Lasting Relationships with your Clients

Most businesses have problems retaining their strong hold on their customers which often results in one paid service when as a business you aim to have many sales in their long run. You have to measure or set up a yardstick in order to know what your customers are behaving.



You must ask yourself a lot of things: Why aren’t customers buying again? Is there a better option? Traditionally you could do a survey and ask the people on their inputs. But the biggest challenge with surveys are that not a lot of people enjoy surveys unless there is a good reward. Another dead end again for some of the businesses.


But what does it take to make your relationship with your clients stronger which in turn will help you customize your products and services for them? It is a mutually beneficial relationship in the long run, but how do you do it?


Fret not, we’ve got some tips to help you with that.


Tip #1. Treat you customers as friends

When we say to treat them as friend, don’t nag them. Just be helpful and supportive to them whenever they have needs and concerns. A tip top customer service beats competition in the eyes of the customers.


People, honestly, dislikes being treated as a “source of income” they want to be a member, they want to be your acquaintance, even a friend, which is why they have used your product. What better way to reward their interest by keeping them close and answering their queries.


A lot of online marketers use the social media as a favourable platform for these activities but e-mail marketing is effective as well. Show the customers that you care by sharing to them valuable information and by helping them if they’re having problems with the product.


Hot Tip: Try asking you customers how their day was. If someone replies to you sincerely, you’ve got a fan! Don’t let that fan go!


Tip #2. Don’t Hard-sell

Have you ever encountered an annoying salesperson who never stops following you until you buy their product? Don’t be that salesperson.


It is very annoying in the first place and the people will doubt your credibility. People now see the hard-sell tactic as something suspicious since if the product is really great it doesn’t have to be hard to sell.


Hard selling might turn 180 degrees and backfire on your marketing strategy. It might endanger you reputation.


Hot Tip: Be a “smooth criminal”. Hard sell and lax sell is out, soft sell is in. Don’t sell too much, let people speak on your behalf. Countless research has concluded that the best customers are mostly from word of mouth marketing and based on experience.