Google Analytics Essential Training Courses: Benefits of Signing Up


Google Analytics is an online tool that allows you to track the way users interact with your website. It lets you see through their journey – from the time they found your site, where they spent the most time, what they’re looking for, to where they left your site. It helps you understand user behaviour so you can streamline your content accordingly. What’s more, Google Analytics is a free tool available to all website owners or online marketers.

Whether you are looking to increase traffic on your site, boost conversation rate, or overhaul your website content, Google Analytics directs you on areas you need to improve upon. Unfortunately, not everyone maximizes the use of Google Analytics. Not everyone knows about the features this tool still has to offer.


Signing up for a Google Analytics Essential Training program will provide you with in-depth knowledge about the capabilities of this free tool. Here are more benefits you can enjoy:


Analyse traffic sources. Understanding Google Analytics will help you identify pages that direct traffic to your website. You will see which specific links lead users to your website. This will give you a bigger picture which of your posts or campaigns work for your target audience. This will also give you an idea how you gather your traffic and which sources have been performing consistently. This gives you a clue where most of your target audience are at and which platforms you should focus your efforts on.


Look into popular keywords. Joining a Google Analytics Training program will allow you to understand better which keyword searches drive most traffic to your site. Users will tend to construct keywords depending on their specific needs or what they are looking for exactly. This, hence, gives you an insight which keywords you should optimise for. This also helps you see whether you are ranking for the right keywords and whether your content helps you do so. You’d know when the focus of your website is, for some reason, straying too far. You generate ideas on keywords you may have not explored fully yet and which you should.


Learn more about your visitors. A Google Analytics Training Course helps empower you so you can connect better with your target audience. Through Google Analytics, you’d be able to track locations of your visitors, which regions you receive the most traffic from or which towns or countries consistently deliver traffic to your site. This helps you determine if localised campaigns you launch are working to your advantage or are not delivering. This also helps you customise your content to cater to people that are most likely to drive views to your site. If a particular town gives you significant amount of traffic daily, you’d want to ensure that users from this area also receive content they can relate to. That way, they’re more likely to return.


Identify top pages. Any website has its share of popular and weak pages. With the help of Google Analytics, you’d be able to identify which of your content users find useful or interesting. You’d know what people are usually looking for or what they keep coming back for. This data is essential as it guides you in planning relevant content. As they say, a well-written content does no good if it’s not what your target audience needs. By identifying pages that receive the most traffic, you’d be in a better position to decide which topics to explore more for your future content. Your content marketing team will not have to grope in the dark anymore. You already have the information you need in creating higher value content.


Study bounce rate. Joining Google Analytics class will also help you understand the concept of bounce rate better. You may have heard your team members concern about this too much. This is an opportunity for you to know why it matters for your site. Google Analytics provides you with a bounce rate data for every page or post published on your site. From here, you’d be able to see the dwell time of your audience. You’d know about the percentage of users that visited only a single page in your site and then left right away. There are several factors affecting the bounce rate so you also need to look past the figures in your screen. Users may have clicked on a page by accident or it just doesn’t give them the information they need. Bounce rate helps you determine then whether your landing pages are working or whether your audience is satisfied with the content they’re seeing.


Track social engagement. Google Analytics also help you monitor performance of your social marketing platforms. You can see which of your social networking accounts, for instance, drive traffic back to your website. You’d also be able to see the monetary value of every conversion you earn from each platform. You’d see where best to concentrate your efforts on and which campaigns you may have to scrap or enhance. Another good thing with this feature is that it saves you a lot of time. You won’t have to look at various dashboards each time. You get access to a single page that provides you with all information you need.


Observe visitor’s journey. Google Analytics enables you to track journey of your users. You’d be able to see better where they entered your page and at which page they left. For example, out of the 80 people that reached your homepage, 10 left immediately leaving you with only 70 users that continued their journey. You will then be able to track where these users proceeded. Some may have gone to see your products and services and explored further, while some may have left at your products main page. By tracking the behaviour of your users, you’d be able to identify which pages need enhancing. You’d also be able to help your users navigate your site more easily by eliminating roadblocks in their journey.  


Finally, boost your competency. Signing up to a Google Analytics course will allow you to increase your competency. You can benefit from the knowledge you gain in the long run. Whether you plan to set up a new blog page or perhaps change careers, Google Analytics will remain a powerful tool in maximising potential of your site.