Google Plus Innovations: Are you in?

12 Photo from westm


Many digital marketers might have their Google Plus accounts but not actively using it. Too bad, Google is definitely not giving up on their own social network and they’re improving it wisely giving it a certain edge over other social networking sites.


What’s up with Google Plus? There’s much more exciting features here. However, he are secretly hoping that they don’t fetch up ads on their social networking sites since it dampens and ruins the mood of having friends. But so far, we are liking their latest advancement and things are looking gorgeous for this social media.


1. Google Talk to Google Hangouts

This is quite old news. Google Hangouts is the most viable thing next to whatever call or video conference you have. Google Hangouts beats even the paid services with its multiple user calls. The experience is seamless and easily manageable. This is a surprising innovation since Google Talk was quite old-looking which reminds us of an older type of messenger. The added functionality certainly did Google some more fans.


2. Google Authorship

Another old news. But it is important the highlights of having your Google Plus account because certainly you’ll need the functions later on.


Google Authorship helps your blogs to rise up the ranks because it links your Google Plus account with your blog. It sets the blog as something credible and helps you rank. It helps you also get you known and associated with your blog.


This measure is perceivably to avoid spammers, content-mill type of content and know which content are more authentic and are more likely valuable to users using the search. This helps the struggling start up bloggers who have no idea how to rank against the other pages.


3. Google Photos

Not old news. Google has certainly made their Google Photos top notch. Not only does it automatically upload your pictures into the cloud. It also helps you edit your photos and turn the sequenced photos into a .gif picture. Pretty neat, right? Google Photos has some amazing technology backing it up. The technology recognizes the blurred and out of focus pictures and does not upload them, also auto-fixing some of the photos for the convenience of the user.


This auto-upload feature has also helped owners identify the thieves of their phones. Amazing what the photo function can do nowadays.


4. Google Plus Username

No, I am not lying. Google Plus now can customize usernames. The awaited feature of the social networking site is now coming to fruition. Imagine how long businesses have waited for this. The requirements are to have 10 fans and have been for around a month or two.


It’s about time you head back to your Google Plus page and update them now.