Google Visual Search and Google Lens: What you need to know

Smartphone cameras are not only for selfies and taking pictures, but it can also be a handy device to search images on the Internet using Google’s Visual Search feature—the Google Lens.



Today, users can identify a place, object, or even a Wifi SSID sticker using Google Lens. It’s an AI-powered smart application which can easily recognise and detect images. It’s AI or Artificial Intelligence built-in feature enables it to discern what the captured image is all about, and it can provide several suggestions on what the user can do about the image. To better understand how it works, here are some of the situations on which Google Lens can be highly reliable and useful:



Once a user captures an image of a building in a poster, Google Lens will identify the name of the building and its location. After that, it will provide directions and map navigation to help the user look for the building. It can also suggest the events that are scheduled to happen in the building. Or if it is a corporate building, it can provide relevant information on the company like their products and services. It can even suggest job openings related to that company.




Shopping can be made easier with Google Lens. A person can quickly take a snap of a garment which he thinks look cool and trendy. Google Lens will suggest nearby stores and other shopping centres which has the same type of garment. In this way, a person can find a cheaper or more affordable option in other stores. He won’t have to get tired by roaming around the whole mall area just to look for other cheaper options. Plus, Google Lens can even suggest other options which are similar to the style of the garment that he has taken a photo of. This widens his options and having a different garment with a similar would be a great addition to his wardrobe.


Home Décor

It is hard to search for home furniture using texts only because there are various styles and techniques used to make a piece of furniture stand out from the rest. Plus, there are home furniture manufacturers and suppliers create witty names for each of their home furniture pieces for better branding. Good thing, Google Lens will now enable homeowners to easily look for a furniture piece.


The Significance of Google Visual Search in SEO


It is a fact that most users would prefer images and graphics over texts. Thus, it is natural for modern technology to create innovative ways which can improve the user experience on visual search. Google Lens – the modern visual search of Google has the potential to shift the ways on how digital marketers will market their products and services to their target consumers.


This 2019, it has been stated by a digital marketing blog that consumers would most likely switch into visual when searching for products and services. This is because there are pictures which are hard to describe using words alone. Even though Google search engine is becoming more smarter in understanding search queries using Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), there are images which can be difficult to be specified into words. Even when a user tries to be creative and more specific in entering related adjectives of an image on the search bar, the results that will appear are sometimes still inaccurate. So, Google developed a technology called Google Lens which allows users to use images instead of texts when searching for a specific product or object. However, Google is not the only platform which started Visual Search. Other websites such as Pinterest and Amazon have their own visual search feature too.


With the rise of Visual Search technology, businesses must now focus their digital marketing strategy on optimising their images and graphics. This strategy will help them get better chances of appearing at Google’s visual search results. It will be easier for them to get recognised by their target consumers if they managed to appear in the search results. Plus, this will boost their SEO efforts. The logic behind this is the same way with the keyword research in SEO. Most digital marketers would conduct research on which keywords are the most effective in boosting SEO. Once the keywords are set, it will be optimised through quality content creation and social media strategies. A similar strategy on keywords research can be done on image Optimization since both words and images comprise the “content” of a website.


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