Here’s What Happens When You Sign Up For SEO Services In Singapore 

Much has been said about the benefits of SEO: 


Engaging the services of an SEO company can help your website rank higher in search engines, drive quality traffic to your website, and generate new leads and conversions. Unlike some traditional marketing tactics, SEO can deliver measurable, actionable results that allow you to better understand how you can further provide value to your audience. 


But, while most SEO companies openly talk about their services on their website, some of them prefer to keep the details behind closed doors—and sure enough, you prefer to know what they have to offer you before reaching out to them, don’t you? 


In this article, allow us to give you an overview of what happens when you sign up for SEO services in Singapore




What Does An SEO Company Do?

SEO agencies all do pretty much the same thing. But, they do have their differences in terms of the tools, techniques, and analytical algorithms they use hence, a strategy that one thinks work best may be contrary to the other. 


The reality is that no two SEO company is the same. They have different ways to approach a new client and their services are constantly updating to keep up with the Google algorithms that also change at least more than 500 times every year. 


Here’s an overview of how an SEO campaign begins: 



Upon signing an SEO contract, the following should happen afterwards: 


  • An introductory meeting with your account manager—that is, the key person who will be working on your campaign and will serve as the focal point for all communication. 
  • A potential meeting with the team who will also assist in your campaign. It may consist of a website developer, technical SEO specialist, researcher, and content writer. 


Initial Website Audit

This is where the real work begins. Most SEO agencies almost always start by evaluating your website and its SEO. They will look into its architecture and content and evaluate your strengths and weakness to develop an effective SEO strategy. 


Some of the factors they will look into include: 


Website Analysis 

Content Analysis 

• Analytics Setup • Keyword Research 
• Website Errors  • Duplicate Content 
• Mobile-Friendliness  • Missing Pages 
• Sitemap & Page Speed  • Poorly Ranking Content 
• Meta Elements • Broken Links 


Another part of the initial audit is a business evaluation in which the SEO agency will also look closely into your industry. They will get to know your target audience, competitors, and market, overall, so they can better create an SEO strategy that will help achieve your goals. 



SEO Strategy Development And Execution

With the findings in the website audit, an SEO agency can then layout a workflow plan that usually includes recommendations and changes that will support the campaign. These can be anywhere from setting up SEO tools to monitor the campaign successfully to restructuring the site navigation and adding a new service page. 


Once a concrete plan is in place, the SEO company can then start executing the customised SEO strategy for you. This should at least include any of the following: 


1. On-Page Optimization

On-page SEO initiatives are anything that is executed and implemented on your website. It usually starts with cleaning up some of the code on your backend and making sure your website is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate. 


Also part of the on-page Optimization is blog writing and content analysis in which your blog will be consistently reviewed to make sure that keywords and links are used effectively.


2. Off-Page Optimization

Your on-page strategies go hand-in-hand with the efforts that you do outside your website—and one aspect of it is link building, in which the goal is to become recognised by the search engine as an authority in your niche. 


Although you may not have direct control over this objective, your SEO company can help you devise effective and detailed off-page tactics that will assist you in achieving it.



3. SEO Maintenance

SEO is an ongoing process. As mentioned above, Google is constantly evaluating and updating its algorithm to keep its search engine user-centric. 


With every update, it will be essential to work with a team of professionals who are capable of reevaluating your SEO strategy and keeping your website compliant to changes as they happen. 


As an SEO company in Singapore, OOm can assist you in making sure that your website remains visible on the search engines and guarantee long-term success for your business. 


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