How to choose the suitable social media influencer for your business?

Ever stumbled upon a random user online just to see thousands or even millions of followers subscribed to his or her account? If you’re wondering why these online users are popular, then they’re probably what you call an “influencer”.


In recent times, social media influencers have taken the digital world by storm. An influencer is a person who handles an online account to showcase certain products or services. Behind the scenes, influencers are merely advertisers looking to take advantage of social media’s capabilities.


Despite the ongoing controversy surrounding these so-called influencers, there’s no denying the potential and capabilities of acquiring one for business. An influencer can provide your business with a boatload of potential. After all, an influencer is an advertiser in disguise.


If you want your business to capitalise on the potential of influencers, how can you choose the right one anyway?




In general, social media influencers are people who are able to build and establish relationships online. They are also able to persuade people to buy from certain brands. As a result, they gain popularity.


Consider the number of followers the influencer has within his or her reach. The more popular an influencer, the better the chances are for your business to reach a wider audience.


Social media influencers are famous because they can reach audiences in some ways celebrities cant. They act as a bridge between the consumer and the brand in a subtle manner


Target audience

When considering the target audience for your business, seek an influencer who shares the same goals as you. Influencers also have a target market they like to focus on.


There are two types of influencers: First, there’s the influencer who wants to cover a wide audience. This means the influencer is popular among different groups and communities. Second, there’s the type of influencer who caters to a niche audience.


The first type of influencer is like a celebrity, a person who’s able to reach the average consumer. These influencers can be popular celebrities with active social media accounts.


As for the second type of influencer, he or she prefers to stick with a specific target market. This type of influencer could be an online streamer, fashion blogger, or an amateur film critic.


Once you’ve decided on your targeting a certain audience, find an influencer who can help your business in doing so.



Just because an influencer is famous, doesn’t mean they’re credible enough to work with.


The trick is to research about the influencers you seek to collaborate with. There are certain qualities and virtues an influencer upholds; it’s up to you to see if they’re worth associating with.


You can start your research by looking at the consumer’s public outlook on the influencer. How credible is the influencer to the audience? Are they well respected in their community?


Remember, an influencer is an advertiser in disguise. If you’re going to collaborate with an influence, apply the same rules of hiring a new employee and see if the candidate is credible enough to work with.



Nowadays, connections with brands and certain people can bring you to greater heights if you’re meticulous enough. Luckily, some influencers are not only great at reaching out to customers, but they’re able to connect with important people as well.


These important people may be celebrities, brands, or even influencers such as themselves. If you’re going to partner with an influencer, consider their connections with communities, customers, and brands. They might be able to branch out your interests in the hope of gaining more options for your business.



Not all influencers are able to stand their ground when creating content on social media. This is when the quality of authenticity comes into play. Consider the influencer’s “authenticity”.


Authenticity refers to the quality of being genuine or “real”. Fortunately, most customers are fond of engaging with influencers who seem more “real” compared to the rest. This means that the influencer should provide unique content that stands out compared to others.


Originality is important in this day and age. The average customer may not approve of content that’s reused, rehash, or just as plain as the usual content provided by other influencers.




At the end of the day, influencers are advertisers. It’s up for you to decide on what’s best for your brand’s social media campaign. Take note of these 5 qualities and your brand might benefit from an influencer!


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