How To Distribute Your Content Based On Brand Goals

People today in Singapore run to the Internet to discover wonderful things that may help them with their daily activities. With this, the Internet is packed with loads of content that cater to different audiences. Since there is now countless information online, search engines like Google make its algorithm more genuine and holistic to ensure that only the quality content will reach the users. 


With this said, it has become more challenging for content marketers to launch campaigns that will reach their desired audiences. With the help search engine optimization or SEO, content marketers work hard more than ever to produce only the best content that they can give. However, it cannot be denied that this will be a whole lot harder with the ever-competitive arena the digital space provides. With the many contents that you can launch, you may even end up at a loss about what you should release. 



We have condensed a few content distribution strategies as laid out by Alli Berry in her article. These ideas may content marketers here in Singapore and how SEO companies can effectively boost the online presence of their accounts. Consider these steps:



Brand Awareness

If you are geared on making your brand known to more audiences, there are several ways on how you can strategically distribute the content you launch


1. Content Syndication

This is for brands that publish large volumes of news-worthy topics and content. Syndication will be the best way for you to catch the attention of your intended audience and make your brand be known. When doing this, make sure that syndication partners will tag your site, so your content won’t have duplicate content issues. With this, you may reach your goal of reaching your desired audience.


For websites who still do not have that enough following, opting to sponsor your content on a more prominent website will provide you with more brand awareness. Launch online advertorials or articles that appear like normal articles tagged with “sponsored content”,


If you want to see results in an instant and have your brand show up immediately in front of qualified audiences, paid advertising can be a way. Having your content more targeted to the keywords you are bidding on will make it perform better in paid search, otherwise, you will have a bad quality score. Search engines like Google have metrics for quality by the expected CTR, landing page quality, and ad and ad text relevance. This calls for you to develop more landing pages. This will cover your topics than what you will do for SEO.



Organic Acquisition

Gaining organic traffic will provide you with relevance to search queries. This helps you build brand authority by acquiring relevant, authoritative external links. Here are the ways on how you can gain organic traffic:


1. Blog post

Putting up quality blog posts where people can actually learn more about your brand or industry can be a good way to gain organic traffic. Engaging and creative content can have numerous interactions that may reach even beyond Singapore. Just imagine how much traffic you can acquire! Here are some blog post ideas that are usually well-received by audiences:


  • How-to articles
  • Question and answer articles
  • Comparison articles
  • Best of articles
  • First-person stories (ideally from a customer perspective)


To have a good blog post, you must target your topic to intended keywords.


2. Original research

It would also be good to contribute something to the industry you are in by launching your original research online. This will be a good tactic for acquiring organic traffic because you will be the only source in case other sites should also cite your content. 



Lead Generation

Compelling content is needed for a prospect to give you their contact information if you are aiming to generate leads. Here are a few ways on how you can generate leads:


1. Whitepapers/E-books

Creating a credible and substantial research not only results in better organic traffic for you but also offers you more leads. This is if you want to put your research behind a sign-up wall. Find a topic that is unique without straying away from the industry you are in and build up an intricate methodology. 


2. Webinars

An informative content from Webinars can be an effective medium for generating leads. This is in particular if you are using visuals to help explain concepts. This “in-person” element will allow you prospects to build a relationship with the presenter. They get to hear and see the speaker live. Here are a few types of webinars to help:


  • Demonstrations or how-to’s
  • Panel discussions about a relevant, timely topic in your industry
  • An interview with an industry expert
  • An in-depth presentation with a fresh take on a timely topic




If you aim to drive revenue, here is a good way to distribute your content:


Product pages

By gearing your audiences to purchase, you would certainly generate revenue. Product pages should be simple and not too bombarding. Each product should be unique with their own product names no matter how similar they may seem.


Here are a few ways on how you can distribute your content based on what your brand requires. These may seem complicated, but with a reliable SEO agency to help you here in Singapore, this can just be easy as 1-2-3.