How to Market Your Furniture Company in Singapore?

A successful furniture company in Singapore is the one who usually undergoes to develop a potent marketing plan. Now and then, consumers are frequently demanding a genuine and impressive upfront product impression from every furniture store company. On the other hand, most furniture retailers would need to actively engage their customers if one wishes to earn sales.


Unlike other company retailers, furniture companies are needed to supply their customers with impressive product quality and honest in-person interactions. Because furniture clients would often prefer a product that is considered as ideal for their home set-up. They buy furniture at the time where they need one the most hence they have fixed demands and strong preferences for furniture products.


However, it is tougher when creating a better impression online than in-person. This challenge arises for furniture companies to devise a better digital marketing strategy. With several ways and a plethora of possibilities, it is easy to get lost and intimidated in the task. Nevertheless, there are fundamental ways that effectively guarantee your brand to create an impactful image for your customers using digital marketing.



Digital Marketing Your Furniture Business with SEM

Having An Online Website

As we’ve said earlier, there are plenty of ways to market your furniture company in Singapore online. One of the most efficient ways is utilising SEO & SEM practices. But before we get there, you should also need to consider building your website if you haven’t.


Having a website is considered an entryway for obtaining online presence. Products can be easily displayed, without going much interacting with your clients in person. SEO & SEM practices also employ website optimisation which can be beneficial and efficient for your online furniture shop. The goal of the website is to help deliver an undeniable online presence that earns traffic and sales. Because for the most part, SEO & SEM as a form of digital marketing, would never complete its role without enhancing and promoting a website.


SEM For Furniture Businesses

Online furniture shops are one of the growing demands in Singapore, with residents looking for their new respective homes, having furniture is one of the few things that complement and often associated with having new homes. It is undeniable that it shapes and defines what your home looks like on the inside. With that, the industry of home and office furniture in Singapore is growing. The furniture industry has a market share estimated to be worth 545.46 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 according to Statista. Though, the competition in the online market can be fierce.


With that opportunity, SEM plays a role that provides immediate results for your online business to gain huge visibility. It doesn’t matter if you are a starting player in the business scene as SEM is one of the fitting digital marketing practices for small and medium-sized businesses.


SEM lets you have an online presence through search engine advertisements that direct online users to your website landing page. With that in mind, it can lead to a sales funnel that sells your product. This can help you greatly promote your business as well as boost your brand awareness online. Though you should also start considering hiring an SEM agency that can assist you all the way through to maximise the impact of SEM to your business.


Targeting Your Audience

Now that you have the idea to strategically devise an online marketing campaign with search engine ads, it is best to consider what your target audience is. This all boils down in tailoring your online ads directly to your preferred target audience. Because having an optimal ad that is potent and relevant to your audience can help you gain your brand image and create a significant influence and impression on your client. Most importantly, hiring a digital marketing agency can help you gain better decisions and insights. They can help you find a better direction throughout your online marketing campaign.


Social Media

Digital agencies have their way of finding better solutions to promote their client’s business through social media. Because at the end of the day, you should know that your clients have social media accounts and gaining their attention is also crucial for promoting your brand.


Devising a potent, high-quality, social media content that is shareable can provide your clients with better information on your brand and business as well as your online social media reputation. It’s their way of getting to know your furniture business, what types of furniture products do you offer and the latest product promotions you have.


Hiring a social media marketing in Singapore can attend to your social media marketing needs and provide better strategic marketing insights that you need.



Keywords play a huge role in affecting your ad relevance online. Keywords also help you narrow down your offered services and products to avoid misleading your clients as you can only employ such appropriate keywords that exactly match your product/niche offered. It is why it is important to conduct keyword research that will be incorporated throughout your SEM/SEO campaign as well as use localised keywords to gain attention from local clients.


Keywords can have different sorts of combinations that are complementary to your current business. Examples of keyword aligned with your furniture business can be:


– online furniture store Singapore

– office furniture Singapore

– outdoor furniture Singapore

– living room furniture shop Singapore



Much like SEM, SEO is your long-term strategy solution for your business. SEO lets you have organic ranking results and it emphasizes the importance of having relevant, high-quality content to gain better ranking. However, it takes time to yield viable results, unlike SEM.


These are valid reasons why you can blend SEO’s long-term organic results with SEM’s short-term tactic for quick traffic results. Both SEO and SEM are the perfect digital marketing strategies for every business because it complements each other very well. No matter how big or small a company is when done correctly, it can provide your business impressive results in the long run.


Cultivating a strong brand business might take some time. The process may sometimes deem uninteresting but the challenge can only be surpassed with the right practice and attitude. The right time will come when you will reap the benefits you have sown to your business.


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