How to Present your Story to the Public


If there was an interesting background to you company story or probably how your products are made, instinct says that you should publish it on your website and share your story among your readers. They say it may be one way to connect with your clients and be better storytellers.



Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing down your company story


* Remember to put it in plain words for the majority of people to understand. Some companies contain jargons which people might not find interesting. But if it is an essential piece of information, leave it.


* Keep things light and interesting. You do not want to bore your audience with a sappy story or with irrelevant matters. Stay close to the topic and keep the essential information intact. If the story is all over the place, a suggestion is that you stream line it to make it easier to understand. Stream lining might not be chronological but it will get your ideas closer and better.


*Some people might succumb to the entertainment level of their “About Us” Story but it is not advisable. People might think that the strategy is exaggerated and might be for entertainment content. Be original and authentic, show them your mission, vision and goals for the business through your story. It need not be heart-wrenching, it just needs to be a selling point.


*A selling point. Yes, your story is also a selling point. Sometimes a key differentiator to other types of similar themed services. Remember when web hosting was just web hosting? Now, the web hosting companies are jumping in the green bandwagon saying that their offices are powered by renewable power sources. This story sometimes seals the deal with customers who are aware of the environmental problem the energy industry poses.


*The story makes the company, its board and owners seem normal people. It is just the vision that they are selling out, that these people are great people not because they are great people but they are people who are there to establish a service as a commitment to their goal, to their vision. If the company owner is perceived as snobbish, even in the online world, the customer might search for the other options.


* It makes your product or company well thought of. It projects a seemingly essential vision that the people behind the company has. Plus it verifies that you know what you are talking about in terms of product or service.