Marketing is constantly changing and the same goes for the insurance industry. Every year, new technology is introduced and new ways to communicate are invented. As a result, the demand to develop new insurance marketing strategies is better than ever.


In order to adapt and succeed, an insurance agency must keep up with the latest shifts as they happen. So, in today’s post, we share some fresh marketing ideas you can focus on to maximise your insurance marketing efforts.


1. Invest in SEO



In order to connect with you, your audience must be able to find you – and in the digital age, it means establishing your presence online. You have to get yourself on top of the first page of the search engine results. It speaks particularly true when most users will not venture past the first three organic results.


If you want to get your brand on the first page of Google, you need to invest in SEO. However, SEO is one of the constantly updating facets of digital marketing and it’s essential to maintain good ranking results as well as to focus your efforts in two specific matters:


  • Voice Search – Studies reveal that nearly 50% of searches in 2020 will be made via voice search. Due to such an increase in usage, Google is starting to factor it into their algorithms. Thus, it’s necessary for you to optimise your website and content for voice searches today.
  •  Content Quality content plays an important role in your SEO strategies. To this effect, creating valuable content should not only mean stuffing your page with your targeted keywords but providing relevant context to your readers.


2. Embrace social media

SEO goes hand in hand with social media marketing and today, one can’t possibly ignore the benefits it has to offer. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – these platforms and more have evolved to become sources of not only entertainment but information as well. It provides you with a platform to establish your authority and expertise. It puts you where your audience is or 4.4 million Singaporeans, which is 83% of the population, to be specific.


To succeed in your social media marketing, you must post regular, engaging content that your audience will find valuable. Refrain from posting boring information about insurance as it’s a typical mistake many insurance agents make. Each post should be geared toward starting a conversation. It will not only humanise your brand but will also earn you a reputation for actually engaging with your customer base.


  • Video Content – While images add a variety to your social media feed, video content can make your brand a standout. In fact, Forbes estimates that approximately 40% of positive decisions are made after watching a video. Another interesting finding is that 65% of decision-makers visit a website after watching a relevant video. If you’re looking to tap into this opportunity, you are guaranteed to have a fun and creative way to connect with your network.


3. Amp up your email marketing efforts



In 2015, email marketing offered an average ROI of $38 for every $1 spent. This ratio has remained somewhat consistent over the years so, if you haven’t been focusing on your email seriously, it’s high time to make a change.


Email marketing remains effective today as it was before and it’s due to the fact that it can be as targeted and specific as you want it to be. Like social media marketing, it keeps you on top of the minds of your audience. What’s more, it also provides opportunities for email forwarding, referral and even social sharing.


All you have to do is craft and send content that will offer value to your subscribers. Focus more on providing the needs of your audience and less on selling your products and services. While at it, you can consider automating your email marketing efforts with the use of a wealth of tools that will allow you to do so.


Insurance Marketing by Optimal Online Marketing

Your insurance marketing efforts are intended to get your insurance agency out there. While today’s tech-driven society will dictate to focus only on your digital marketing efforts, connecting in person remains unrivalled in terms of establishing real relationships. Thus, alongside investing in SEO, embracing social media, and amplifying your email marketing efforts, you should also focus on your offline marketing strategies.


We hope these insurance marketing ideas will help you strategise plans that are more efficient and more effective than ever before. But, if you’re like most insurance agents today who are short on time, there is help for you.


Insurance marketing is what OOm does. Get in touch with us today and discover how we can help you cross out marketing off your to-do list.


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