Your business’s website may have finally gone live after many sleepless days and nights of developing it, but your work is not yet over. What you did is only the beginning of a digital transformation.  


Digitally transforming your business does not end just by having a website alone. To raise your brand awareness, you have a lot of digital marketing strategies to implement after your website goes live.


To know those handfuls of steps, we have listed them down below to help you get started with your post-launch to-do list. 

8 Digital Marketing Strategies in Singapore Once Your Website Goes Live


1. Test Your UX

A great website does not only look good aesthetically, but it must also function well. That means anyone visiting your website should be able to view, read, and interact with everything regardless of the devices they are using. 


To guarantee your business’s website has those qualities, test its user experience (UX). Besides visiting your website with different devices, you may also use the following tools.



2. Ensure Your Website Is Secure

Another digital marketing strategy you need to consider is how safe your website is.  Ensure your website has an SSL. That means your website must have HTTPS right in front of its URL. 


Shown below is an example of a website with an SSL:


Ensure Your Website Is Secure


3. Create Content To Maintain Engagement

Even though your website is already up and running, it will not create a lot of traffic on its own. To increase traffic and maintain engagement with your customers, you need to produce and publish high-quality content regularly. Doing so should help improve your search engine rankings.


Listed below are some tips for creating high-quality content. 


  • Write clearly and focus on clarity
  • Avoid and learn from your mistakes
  • Use a consistent brand voice
  • Keep things simple


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4. Be Social, Get Social

With the continuous growth of social media users worldwide, social media platforms are perfect marketing places for businesses. Whether on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, brands can interact, connect, and communicate with their potential customers on a more personal level.


Be Social Get Social


Doing so will help your brand gain exposure andengage with your customers. A solid social media presence can also contribute to your search engine rankings indirectly. 


5. Set Up Business Listings on Search Engines

Besides being on social media, you should set up your business listing on search engines like Google My Business (GMB). That way, when someone searches related to your business, your business listing will show up on their search results. It can improve your local search engine ranking and help your business get more traffic and earn conversions. 


Set Up Business Listings


The image above is an example of a business listing. Make sure if you do this digital marketing strategy, you have included the physical address, contact information, working hours, website, and a lot more. As a result, people will know how to reach out to you.


6. Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews

Trusting someone does not happen overnight. To gain the trust of your customers, you need to show them proof of how reliable you are. Apart from viewing portfolios on your website, internet users who are your potential customers also want reassurance from other people who have used your product or engaged in your service. 


According to Statista, around 70% of online consumers tend to read customer reviews before making a purchase. That percentage is more than enough reason why you should encourage your customers to leave reviews. 


Reviews contain feedback on what customers have experienced while engaging your business. This way, customer reviews can convince others to trust your brand.


Here is an example of encouraging customers to leave a review of their purchase:


Customer Reviews From Shopee


7. Look At Your Advertising Options

Another fantastic way to attract customers is to employ search engine marketing (SEM) techniques. It is a type of digital marketing that can give a content boost, allowing more people to see your business on their searches as a result. 


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8. Set And Monitor On Your Analytics

Analysing your website is vital since it provides you with a lot of data from unique visitors, most popular pages, customer behaviour, high traffic channels, bounce rates, etc.


With data from your website’s analytics, you can plan how you can strengthen your website content. For example, if the product page has the highest visitors, you can use the same digital marketing method you used on that web page to target more customers to other web pages of your website.


The image below shows a website’s analytics run on Google Analytics. 


Google Analytics Example

In other words, your website’s analytics is the overall performance of your website.


You may use the following tools to set and monitor your website’s analytic benchmarks.



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Even though it looks like there are a lot of digital marketing strategies you need to implement after your website goes live, they are worth the effort. If done right, you can expect to draw the attention of thousands of people and convert them into paying customers. 


On the other hand, if you need help implementing digital marketing strategies after your website goes live, let a digital marketing agency like OOm handle the technical work with your approved PSG grant for ecommerce and web design needs. 


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