Look Who’s Talking: Ang Yue Han


Our staff feature today is OOm’s Team Lead, Senior Business Manager, Yue Han. Result driven and passionate in his work, Han leads his team of digital marketers to reap the best results. Let us find out more about Han through our exclusive interview with him below.


Yue Han Senior Business Manager


Describe your role in OOm as a Team Lead, Senior Business Manager.

As a Senior Business Manager and Team Lead, I shoulder the role of a consultant and provide advice to my team, ensuring that work is done efficiently and seamlessly. I am also responsible for taking accountability should there be any issues with regards to work. 


Congratulations on your 5th anniversary in OOm this month! How do you feel about this milestone?

I first started my journey with OOm in 2016 with no sales working experience. However, under the guidance and patience of my superiors I slowly gained the necessary skills and expertise required to expedite my tasks and perform as a Senior Business Manager and Team Lead. I would say that the best aspect of my work here is the people and culture. I enjoy the open work culture and formed close bonds with my colleagues who have been a very supportive team. Moreover, the company has also provided me with opportunities to improve my career path and realise my full potential.




Tell me about one memorable incident/experience you had while working in OOm.

There is never a dull moment working at OOm! I have had plenty of memorable incidents in my time here, but the one most ingrained in my memory happened during Chinese New Year. This was before the COVID-19 pandemic and the company had arranged a banquet dinner. Coincidentally, my birthday was approaching the following week, so my colleagues surprised me with a birthday cake during the meal. That was completely unexpected and one of the most touching memories I’ve had with OOm.  


Yue Han with his co-workers


If you could learn a new skill, what would it be?

Being able to think strategically from a business perspective. As a Senior Business Manager and Team Lead, this is an important aspect of my job and having exceptional skills in this area will be advantageous to my team as I can help them propel forward.  


What do you do during your free time?

Most of my free time is spent catching up on news and watching the latest trends on YouTube. I like to stay relevant and know what is going on in the world. Occasionally, I would also scroll through TikTok. There are plenty of entertaining videos there! 


What is your favourite food?

I love Chinese food, especially hotpots from HaiDiLao. Not only do they serve great food but it’s also an awesome bonding experience with the people you go with. I think nachos are delicious too! They are really yummy and easy to prepare. Who would have thought tortilla chips, cheese and a couple of other ingredients combined would taste so good? I also love Japanese cuisine and could always go for some sushi! 


Yue Han favourite foods



If you have the opportunity to take a gap year, which country would you spend it in?

Ideally, I would love to spend my time in Japan or Taiwan. It is a different change of scenery from Singapore and the cool weather would be nice after having to deal with Singapore’s hot climate! These places are steeped in a culture that merges tradition and modernity, which is also something I can appreciate and enjoy.



Yue Han in Japan


What is your latest recommendation on Netflix?

Squid Game! It has a really good storyline, full of anticipation and twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat! I think it has an interesting concept and I am sure many people will be able to appreciate and enjoy it. My favourite character is 001 and no spoilers here but he is an intriguing and surprising character. .


Netflix Squid Game Ang Yue Han