Manpower Tips 3: How To Find The Best SEO Writers

As an entrepreneur, you should focus more on utilising the capabilities of the internet in attracting your target consumers. Most people nowadays use a smartphone or a laptop to search for an item. When you choose to advertise your products and services online, you’d be able to introduce your brand to a large audience. But of course, this requires thorough digital marketing efforts. There are a lot of other businesses waiting to try to put their name out there as well. You need someone who has a talent in communication to convince users to check out your brand—just like an SEO writer.


SEO writers can help you generate sales leads. Since they have their way with words, they can effectively catch the attention of users and persuade them to buy and patronise your products. Plus, your company website will surely gain more traffic, and there is a high possibility that you might even achieve high rankings in Google and other leading search engines.


A word of caution in hiring SEO writers: not all writers are the same. Each and every writer has their own set of skills. It does not mean one can effortlessly move their readers with his literary piece that he’d already been suitable to all kinds of writing. The same principle must be applied when looking for SEO writers. You cannot just hire anyone that has exceptional writing skills, but they must also possess great potential in marketing.



What Should You Look For In An SEO Writer?


Even though you are not an HR expert or an SEO guru, you can still find the talented ones on your own. You just have to simply assess their skills by reading through their previous works. Check the way they compose their written copies. If you are not sure what should you look for, here is a checklist of the qualities that must be present in their work:


1. Practices Proper Grammar And Structure

Not being a prick about grammar, but it is an essential aspect that binds a whole literary piece together. It makes the sentences flow smoothly on a blank piece of paper. Readers will be encouraged to read through a written copy until the end of the way it is written is grammatically correct because it makes it easily understood.

SEO-wise, grammar plays an important role because it increases the quality of your website content. This boosts the brand of your business, and at the same time, you are safe from Google “penalties” that might significantly affect your brand’s online presence.


2. Understands Your Target Consumers

A written copy is useless if it not composed in a way that target consumers could not relate themselves to. A good SEO writer would make sure that he understands first what are the wants and needs of the target consumers. In this way, it would be easier for him to relate your products and services to the necessities and preferences of consumers.


3. Knowledgeable In SEO

Every business who wants to venture into SEO must be able to conduct keyword research. This is to determine which keywords related to their business are effective for SEO. Once it has been established, keywords must be used by an SEO writer to make written copies. He must know how to insert the keywords naturally to avoid reducing the quality of the content.


4. Knows How To Tell A Story

Digital marketing and SEO is not just about all about making promotional content, but the written copies should also be useful to your target audience.  He must be able to tell a story that is relatable. Also, it is equally important that his written works evoke human emotion. In this way, you will be able to boost your brand.


5. Writes Catchy Headlines

An SEO writer is also considered a skilled one if he can create catchy headlines. Headlines or titles are the ones listed or displayed in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) so it is the first thing that users will notice. In order for users to click, the words used must be captivating or attractive enough. Simply put, the SEO writer should be witty in playing with words.


In SEO, one must be knowledgeable about the ins and outs of digital marketing. He must be able to have a knack in attracting consumers to try and buy products of a particular company as if it is his own. Also, he must have a sound knowledge of how the algorithms of the leading search engines work. SEO writing is not just about creating a compelling written copy, but it requires content Optimization.


Finding the best SEO writers requires a lot of time and effort. You would have to examine every written copy that was submitted by hundreds of applicants. To eliminate all these hassles, you can just hire outsource SEO services in Singapore. With this, you can work with one of the most skilled SEO writers in their SEO marketing team in Singapore, and soon climb up to the topmost rankings in Google SERPs.