How Services-Based Companies Can Market On Instagram

We all love how we can flaunt about the things in our lives on Instagram. We all love colouring that white heart with a throbbing red one, signalling how much we approve of the content we see. We, too, anticipate the number of likes and engagements we receive. Instagram offers a good platform for you to boost your products—you can arrange them in the most aesthetically-pleasing way that will invite your target audiences to try out your brand. However, what if your brand is service-based? For some, the images you can use as symbolism to your service can only do much, and to a certain extent. Well, today must be your lucky day because we can share with you a few tips on how you can market your services on Instagram.



Why Instagram?

Today in Singapore, Instagram holds a handsome number of about 1.9 million users. This holds about 63% internet-connected Singaporean who use Instagram to connect with their friends, colleagues, basically, to connect to the world. With this kind of platform, you get to be provided with a great opportunity to introduce your brand to the world.



Ways To Market Your Services On Instagram?

Marketing your content on Instagram will be highly beneficial for your brand. Here are a few tips we can share on how you can boost your services on this platform:


1. Maximise Instagram Tools And Activities


Before we get deeper into planning thing out, let us first start with the technicalities that Instagram could offer. For starters, as you set up, marketing your services on this platform would be highly effective if you maximise the right tools and activities that it offers. Instagram provides users to turn into business profiles. Switching to a business profile offers you more tools and widgets that would be beneficial for boosting your brand. There are also other free tools like a report of your demographics and engagements. Keep the people updated, too, by posting Instagram stories.


2. Engage With Users


Like what you would with any social media platforms, ensure that engagement between you and your audiences keep coming. When posting, make sure to use an interactive hashtag, instead of one that seems declaratory. This will enable your users to comment in your post and make it a thread where they engage with you and with other audiences. Connect with your users by collecting the photos they have submitted. This will reassure prospective consumers of the efficiency of your services.


3. Schedule Your Posts


Avoid over-posting. Some followers may like your post but spamming their timeline and making them sick of you is one way to lose them. This is especially if all they see are posts about your brand. To stay relevant without being annoying, post your content during peak hours.


4. Showcase Your Services


Since you do not have any products to promote, you may boost your brand by showcasing the services you offer and showing that you are an expert within that field. You may not know it, but users may have needs that only you will address. Demonstrating your services in an aesthetically pleasing way will make users be encouraged to try out your brand.


5. Reach Out To Others With Success Stories

Introduce to your users some of your consumes’ stories and experience about your brand. It may be a written testimonial or a mini case study. Before and after images would also be good. You can also ask them if they are willing to go on an interview.


6. Be Witty


Yes, you may not have the right products to beautify and to post on Instagram, but you can post quotes and witty remarks that will truly grab the hearts of many. Posting funny comments that are also engaging will also make users engage with it and show it among their friends. This way, your brand will retain in them in the most genuine way.


7. Do A Behind The Scenes


Allow audiences to know you and your services better by opening up and doing a behind the scenes. Make them see what they will experience with the services you offer and how such services will help them. This is the time for you to show them how an expert you are in your industry.


8. Offer A Solution

Since you are introducing services, show it on Instagram in a way that you are offering a solution to your audiences. With every need that requires the right solutions, your brand must always have a way to permeate the lifestyle of our audiences and offer them help.


9. Partner With Personalities

Just like with traditional advertising, you can also partner with different personalities to try out your service. This way, audiences will see your services in a more valuable and approachable light. They can also trust your brand even better because it was tried out by a famous personality.


Surely, it can be a challenge to promote your services on Instagram but it also offers you a lot of fun, especially when you engage with your users and get to meet them! With these tips we have shared with you, this can now be possible. Here in Singapore, there are social media managers that have the means to boost your services online, like OOm. If you want to know more about this, inquire or call us now!