Marketing Aesthetic Clinics in Singapore

We’ve come a long way through the help of technology. We’ve advanced well enough in fact that medicine has improved just as much.


Beauty and aesthetics therefore are no longer an impossible dream for the ones that can afford it.


Aesthetic clinic practitioners perform non-surgical procedures to improve the overall look of their patients. And because of that, more and more people are getting into it. It is therefore a type of business that can grow exponentially.


Doing this however in this day and age requires a bit of online boost that no simple business cannot achieve.

On this post we will focus on how you can market aesthetic clinics online.


Before we actually jump into the ways you can market this sort of business online, we’ll first list down a few factors that can hamper this.


The first of which is the fact that we need to be aware of dissatisfaction from customers. With other businesses, you can replace a product, or improve a service. With businesses however that are related to medicine, the stakes are much higher. An aesthetic clinic’s reputation will be on the line here. You and your client must plan ahead and make sure to address concerns from patients properly if and when it actually happens.


Like previously mentioned, technology and medicine have come a long way. By this time, there will be a whole slew of other aesthetic clinic businesses out there today. Competition is inevitable. As an SEO service provider, you must be ready to face such adversaries online. The key is to have quality services and quality strategies in marketing.


There will also be complications when the client you are to be working with has under qualified staff. Though this is technically out of your hands as the one tasked to later on develop detailed strategies for SEO, you may need to also explain this to your client. Like what was said before, the aesthetic clinic’s reputation is on the line here. You can do your part, but they would have to do the same in order for you to succeed.


Now that that is out of the way, we will now find out how you can market such businesses online.


Starting at Social Media

One of the closest you can reach, instantly as a matter of fact is social media. Initially, social media is literally for socializing. Having to talk to the person next to you all while not moving at all and just concentrating on typing on. But, this can also be turned into something that can greatly help in search engine optimization.


With Twitter, a business can directly communicate and send updates to millions of people online at read time. That’s almost the same situation with Facebook. But with Aesthetic themed businesses, you will need a type of social media channel that can use images better.


Instagram is one of the best platforms aesthetic clinics can use today.  Much like on twitter, you can use hashtags here as much as you want.


With social media, you can now build a bigger audience. Everyone that has a phone today has social media. Something you will need to keep in mind in all of this.


Create a Business Website

Just in case at this point your client still hasn’t got any, this is one of the most common things a business in today’s market uses to survive and thrive online. While businesses that have websites and social media activity would surely have a better edge compared to their competitors, it will all still boil down to one simple element..



Optimizing a website means optimizing the chances of a business to gain more leads and therefore hit more conversions. A website’s structure, content and design as well as picking out the best types of backlinks to collect over a period of time all depends on the strategies SEO can provide.


SEM helps you create and show ads online and on the sponsored section of the SERPS. Since these types of ads actually look like search results and they’re almost always situated on top of the search results, your target audience would most likely click on those ads more rather than the ones below it.


Among the two, SEM shows results much faster, while SEO delivers results in a more gradual manner. But don’t be alarmed, when done right, SEO will give you results that will last a long time.


The good part here is that you as a business owner, don’t need to do all of these alone. Agencies like us that specialize in digital marketing strategies will aid you in your journey to pass your competitors.