The medic algorithm update

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August 1, 2018 – Google rolled out another algorithm update. It’s another broad core algorithm update but with a twist. According to some sources, the most affected types of sites are the ones in the health and medicine niche. There were sites that somehow fell into the mix like the “your money your life” types of sites. These sites are mostly focused on things related to lifestyle and finance or money. Other types of sites that were also affected are entertainment and gaming sites, coupon sites, e-commerce sites, and even those sites with lyrics on them. Basically, it affects websites that solicits personal information, has monetary transactions occurring on a regular basis, and gives advice for lifestyle.



But because the main bulk of the affected types of sites are those from the medical niche, this update was dubbed as the Medic Algorithm update.


Core algorithm updates affects rankings mostly. Not directly because Google thinks your site is bad, but instead is an update that gives spotlight to those under-rewarded websites that’s been giving their all in order to reach your top spot. This only happens however if you’re a big authoritative site that don’t give out content, updates and activities in general as aggressively as the newer sites and businesses. This is also mostly because newer sites and businesses can be more timely or relevant, and relevance is the big keyword here.


Again, ranking drops because of this update doesn’t mean there’s something on your site that needs fixing. This is simply Google giving other sites a chance, other sources of information that’s more up to date and more relevant.


This is a global update; which means that everyone is affected. So, if you have a health and medicine themed site, or managing one, expect a few ups and downs.


“As with any update, some sites may note drops or gains. There’s nothing wrong with pages that may now perform less well. Instead, it’s that changes to our systems are benefiting pages that were previously under-rewarded.” –Google

For big and authoritative sites that’s been on top for the whole duration of your existence, expect to drop bit by bit. Mainly because the younger sites out there that’s been hustling to give out quality content to their audience will be given the chance to stand in the spotlight of the top page.


All you can do is, as always, create meaningful content that can be useful and enjoyable for your audience. If it’s still not that obvious, it means that you cannot afford to have a stagnant site without any content updates or just have a site with minimal and boring content in it.


If you stay where you are and stay with the same strategy that you’ve been doing, you will soon be taken over by the new comers and the ones that think of their audience first.

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