Relevance And Quality

Google has been actively open when it comes to their recent updates lately. Technically they do announce their updates later on, and perhaps the updates are more apparent this time because of all the panic.

The Core Algorithm update is designed to rearrange and focus on under rewarded pages and sites.



If you’re really observant with your site’s performance, you will see that if you were on the top spot on SERPS for a really long time, your standings will either stay as is, improve or fall. One thing that you can look at is your content.

As a big company you can (and i expect you to) blurt out your quality posts, quality articles etc. But the question is, are these content you have still relevant?

One of the signs that gives under rewarded pages and sites the chance to rank higher is the fact that they will, because of the need to over take their higher ranking counterparts, actively and continuously create updates and / or content that are always up to date. Daily blogging or even just continuous news article sharing on their site.

The curse that high ranking companies might have once they’ve realized that they’re already on top of the universe, is that they can just stop updating things on their website. And probably just focus on the offsite part of things. Just build links, relax in the spotlight of being the number one site. That’s all good and all, but the flaw here is still obvious. One thing without the other is going to be futile for your performance overall.

Have you ever tried to use a two part epoxy gel without the other gel?



Have you ever you ever tried to cook without fire?



You think Tony Stark and Steve Rogers can defeat Thanos without teaming up first?



In taking care of your website’s overall performance, you need two aspects as well. Offsite and Onsite. Offsite is easy. Link building how to’s are everywhere. But the other is a bit more special.


In a sense, you need to do onsite content updates, much like trying to continuously improve your race car. You can keep running the races but you will always get to a point where you might be paired up with a faster car.


Update your Onsite Contents

You might say, hey we’re an ecommerce site, we change products and we consider what the pages and what the contents of the site as actual content. That’s technically correct. Yet, text types of content has more traction on things. Updates on products just won’t cut it. One because the content will be thin. Meaning the overall text a visitor will be able to read on those things will be too short. And therefore it’s either they click off too fast, or click off too fast once they actually buy something. Yes you get to sell, but visitors don’t stay there at all.
The fact that you can make a visitor stay and actually let them enjoy reading something interesting, informative and useful.

And from that idea, we can connect the fact that Google wants to prioritize sites and pages can offer up useful informative content to the public. So how can you update your content? Blogging. Or if that term makes you cringe because you’re over 40, we can just say that you can write articles that can be found on a part of your website.


When you’ve accepted these two things, the term Blogging and the fact that you need updated content on your website, you need to set a schedule on how much you will post and when you’ll do it. Go to analytics and see where you have the most traffic. Then post an article of your blog page on that day. Another thing is that you see what time the traffic spikes on a specific day and remember to post on or before that specific hour of the day.

Usually, the best days of the week to post articles are either Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Two of the most corporate mid-life crisis days. Next to Monday.

Never post an article during a weekend. Unless you have seen a pattern on your Analytics that there is actual traffic on your site during the weekends. It still depends on what your niche is. If what your content is about pop culture for example or something that’s not too business-y, you can absolutely post on weekends. If you’re talking about Google updates and how to SEO your way out of these things, you cannot posts these during the weekends. People that read things like that during weekends have no life.


In short. You may have the best how to articles ever made, but if you stop trying to be relevant today sooner or later, young bloods will take over your position and you’ll be left out on the dust and be forgotten. Relevance and quality go hand in hand. Keep that combo and you will win the war.