SEO Training: Anchor Texts For Beginners – Part 1


Welcome to the first of a series of quick tips/mini training bits for you budding SEO babies! Right now, we’ll jump right into link building. More specifically, how you should use your keywords and hyperlinks.


Back in the medieval days of link building, SEOs could just write exact matched keywords and then hyperlink it the page of their choosing. Meaning, the anchor texts they use are the ones that are exactly the same as what they are actually trying to rank on.

When you look at these old links today, you immediately can already guess which keywords these websites were trying to rank for.


But times have changed. Linking like this today will only get you nowhere fast. As well as a one way ticket to Google Penalty Land. Anchor texts today have to be natural looking. Now, what does that mean? It means that while your goal is to try and make a keyword rank, using exact matched keywords as anchor texts is the wrong way to go. It’s a sort of paradoxical thing, I know.

But, trust me. It works. One day soon, we’ll write about it, so stay tuned.


So how do we make anchor texts on posts today then? Well, kid. Read on.


Let’s say for example that you have a website called LaptopsSingapore.Com.Sg. And one of your keywords is “Laptops Singapore”.


Right off the bat, you really cannot use this term in a sentence. And if you did, not only will it look spammy, it would look so hideously, horrifically, disastrously, grammatically incorrect.



No matter what you do, no matter how much you try to explain, if you stick this on a phrase or sentence it won’t work. Why? It doesn’t look natural.


Let’s take a look at an example here:


“…for students in Asia studying information technology, they would need to have laptops singapore.” -WRONG.


But this is what the owner of the website wanted -you might say. Does this mean that this keyword cannot be used? No, you can still use this keyword, but when using it on posts, you can fragment it. What does that look like?




“…for students in Asia studying information technology, they would need to have laptops that can be bought in stores near singapore.” -Excellent!


This way, it is correctly used on the sentence, and it looks more natural. Remember though, that today, the length of time before you see positive results on ranking will still depend on a number of different factors like the quality of the content on your landing page, the length of your post, the relevance of your post, the health of your site and so on. But that’s okay. You actually would want to rank up slowly like a phoenix rising from the ashes of low rankings. Having your rankings spike up will also alert search engines that you might be doing something fishy. (also that analogy kind of sounded cool. It’s okay. You can admit it.) So, focus on giving importance on how the keywords given to you can be used properly, and chill. Let quality do all the work for you.