Still The King: Why Content Still Reign Supreme?


Content is King!


Yes, it’s sounds like a cliche already but it doesn’t mean that it’s not true. And, ladies and gentlemen, it continues to reign in 2018 and possibly the next years to come.


From the mainstream media, down to social media feeds, and down to marketing, content plays a big role in the success of many campaigns, initiatives, and businesses. It somehow creates a bridge that connects the audiences to companies and gives an avenue to better communication between the two. Content is basically a creative way of delivering information and providing solutions to many aspects of marketing.


Over the years, companies and brands have experimented and tried various ways of using content as a tool to be friends with the market – from articles, to photos, up to creating personalised videos. They have transformed being just an entertainment tool to actually educating the people. It evolves from just being a simple tactic to have extra exposure to actually using it as the primary strategy for campaigns.


Forward-thinking companies would always rely on content marketing because they know how much it can boost the popularity of their product while doing good in the community by providing sensible information. As time passes, many more brands have started to embrace the idea of content marketing, which only proves how it can really make or break the value of a brand. Sooner, it has become a trend to make content marketing their top initiative.


But, why is it? How content kept its reign despite the rise of advanced technologies that can make outstanding web designs? How come content can overpower the rules and techniques of Search Engine Optimization? How can a couple of words and videos manipulate the entire digital marketing scene? What makes it reign?


The answer is simple: because the consumers are human.



Content Evolution


Back then, “Force Advertising” only happens on television, print ads, or radio – the traditional media communication. But with the rise of the digital age, the avenue has become wider – there’s Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Because of this, the dissemination of information has drastically change but it doesn’t end there. Aside from the way that the communication is cascaded, the way of persuading the audience has become more intense.


In the past, majority of the online users are voluntarily going online to search for information or to look for something they need. But now, many brands are using the Internet to tell people what they need in a creative way of marketing. They started to touch on the emotions of the consumers to make it more convincing to purchase the product.


So, now that users are bombarded with information, people started to look for something that they can engage on more than just something that is informative. As a result, more and more brands started to improve their contents to attract the attention of the users, keep them engaged, and convince them to convert.



Content And Consumers


Convincing the modern market is a really tough job, with all the competition that’s coming out from nowhere. And subsequently, if you fail to convince your customers, you’re business will fail. So, instead of just showcasing the prices and reviews about your product, you have to come up with something a little more enticing to help them make decisions. That’s where content marketing comes in.


Consumers nowadays do not just check out your services, they read about the services. They are looking for helpful information before deciding to purchase. They response to those companies who provide good and informative content that educates them regarding the matter.



The Power Of Telling Stories


Consumers hate it when you slap a brand to their faces. They don’t like it when you sell too much. They hate it being a brand is too pushy. But, if the brand is trying to tell them something, they will listen regardless if they know that you are just trying to sell a product.


One of the most effective way of getting the attention of a person is to make them feel that there’s something more. You have to poke their interest before you can gain their trust. People want to know things. People love stories. And that’s one of the powers of content. With content marketing, you can use words and photos to connect to the audience that no amount of technology can ever do. With the right content, you can have the highest clicks and views that not even SEO experts can explain. With sensible contents, people will understand the importance of your products and trust you.


And, for as long as the consumers are not made of metal and their hearts and brains still function like a normal human being, content will continue its reign in being the king of the World Wide Web.