From Blog to Vlog: The Evolution of Content Marketing

It wasn’t long ago when customers share their personal experiences online and some brands make use of it as their marketing tool. This is where blogging for corporate and marketing needs has become a worldwide trend, and the bloggers have started to gain popularity. Bloggers started as common customers who writes experienced-based articles and posts it on their own websites. Most of the contents that they do are DIY tips about a certain product, service, and experience. Through time, brands see an opportunity to utilize these bloggers to promote their brands, especially by those who have high readership.


Businesses sponsors bloggers, providing freebies and treats from their company in return of a well-written article. Through time, many companies and brands saw the importance of using blogs to promote their products and services. So, instead of just using third-party bloggers to write about them, it will also help their business if they will have their own blog page where they can create valuable contents and promote their brands and services at the same time. This idea resulted to incorporating blog pages on their website with originally-written contents by the company.


With search engine optimization in place, these blog contents help increase the exposure of many brands and have helped sustain their business. Creating your own blog posts, over hiring someone to do it, is indeed an effective strategy. You will have the option to include backlinks to your website, but most of all, they are already in your website. The rankings, statistics, and favor will all be yours.


Because of the evolution of the technological era, bloggers become more creative in posting their stories online. Instead of just narrating through words, they started to create video contents, showing their actual experiences on a day to day basis. It’s called video blogging or ‘vlogging’. From their short videos of crossing the street up to their daily gym routines, these bloggers shook the Internet world rapidly. There is a now a group of individuals who have been dedicating their lives sharing stories through videos. This calls for a new medium for marketing that can be equally, if not more than, effective.


Many brands seize this opportunity. Say for example, a popular vlogger is posting videos of him while working out in the gym. If you are a business owner of sports wears and apparels, you would want the vlogger to wear your products so all his followers will see your brand. Imagine how much exposure you can get with a very minimal investment. And since the videos can be repeated as many times as the follower wants, there is a longer potential exposure for your brand.


This trend has been ongoing for quite some time in western countries. From clothing, shoes, make ups, and up to bottled waters, brands are finding their way to be included in the daily video diaries of vloggers. It is cost effective and it has more reach.


The similarities and differences of blogging and vlogging

The battle between blogs and vlogs has been creating a buzz in the digital industry for quite some time. Many people have been engaged on in-depth discussions on which of the two media is more superior in terms of creating a dent in the online marketing field.


Honestly, though, both of them are very effective strategies to use for brand marketing and individuals alike. Both blogs and vlogs have proven to increase traffic for many business websites. That’s why many companies have been trying to promote the two media. It’s only a matter of knowing the purpose of each. Although for some, they perceive blogging as a tool for discovering new contents and for finding information about a certain product. Regardless, it has proven its strength for generating more conversions.


Vlogging, on the other hand, promotes entertainment and human interest. It becomes successful and has made its way in mainstream advertising because it shows life-like experiences which make the marketing campaign more human. In vlogging, the products and services are featured as they are being used or availed by the vlogger. It makes the product promotion more realistic. Thus, it’s effective.


The greatest challenge for marketers and advertisers is identifying which medium to use for their business. It’s a crucial decision to make because it can affect the content marketing strategy. There are certain topics that needs to be more comprehensive, thus it should be marketed as a blog. If the campaign needs to catch the audience’s interest and needs to be more popular, then you should use vlogs. It’s important to consider your target market.


Why not maximise the best of both worlds?

Instead of narrowing down your options, why not use both blog and vlog to promote your products and services. It will strengthen your current content strategy by using a creative combination of words and videos. Each medium has a significant role to play and it can both be equally worthwhile and compelling.


The potential success in SEO goes with blogging, it’s undeniable. In blogging, you can make use of keywords to guarantee your ranking. The science behind it is all objective. But, on the other hand, video marketing is irresistible for users to ignore because it is more entertaining and relatable. It may be subjective, but it touches the target market easily.


You can always run a blog parallel to a vlog or vice versa. In that way, you can reach different types of audiences while maximizing the medium available in the market. It goes hand in hand with your business needs and user experience. Whichever the case, it’s important to maximise all available medium in the market. After all, creativity is only limited by our imagination.