The Best SEO Blogs In 2021

SEO is constantly changing. Strategies that are effective today may not be as effective in the next few months. That is why you need to watch out for the latest updates and trends in the SEO industry. To do so, try to catch up on recent news by reading some up-to-date blogs.


Ask any experienced marketer what they think about blogs, and they will probably say that it is one of the simplest yet most effective content marketing assets out there. Not only is it effective when it comes to content marketing, but blogging can significantly increase your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings in Singapore.


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If you are looking for quality content from trusted SEO agencies in Singapore, you came to the right place. Here are some of the best SEO blogs in 2021.







Search Engine Journal



For general tips related to digital marketing, visit Search Engine Journal’s (SEJ) blog. Founded in 2003, SEJ offers valuable information on digital marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), SEO, content marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising from top experts.


Aside from tips and tricks, SEJ frequently shares relevant trends and updates in the SEO industry. If you need to discover the latest happenings in the digital marketing industry, then SEJ’s blog is the perfect source of information. You can also read their in-depth guides to create effective marketing strategies of your own. 




Neil Patel SEO



Most bloggers and marketers are aware of Neil Patel, which is not surprising. After all, Neil Patel is one of the most popular SEO experts worldwide. He often travels abroad, hosting seminars to provide other business owners with tips for using SEO and digital marketing.


Neil Patel’s blog contains a vast ton of information that you can use to enhance your digital marketing strategies. As an experienced professional in the digital marketing landscape, you can trust Neil Patel to present quality content related to SEO and content marketing. Plus, his articles are easy to read, making it convenient to understand the gist of his topics.




Ahrefs Logo



No other blog arguably dishes out new content more quickly than Ahrefs. As one of the most highly regarded experts in the SEO industry, Ahrefs has a fully-packed blog that contains essential information about all things digital marketing.


Ahrefs is well-known and trusted for its countless blog posts, as evidenced by the thousands of likes, shares, and comments. Also, when it comes to technical SEO, Ahrefs has some of the most credible resources. If you prefer watching over reading, you can visit the company’s YouTube channel instead.


4. MOZ


Moz Blog



Since 2004, the Moz Blog has been a credible source of information on SEO. While the primary focus is SEO, the blog usually updates readers with trending topics and news. Most of the blog posts by Moz focus on guides and tutorials. Use these to your advantage so you can come up with efficient SEO strategies for your business, too.




Backlinko SEO


If you need to enhance your SEO strategies, Backlinko might have the perfect solution for you. Backlinko is the ideal place to go for discovering tried-and-tested SEO methods. 


Anyone interested in SEO services, from beginners to veterans, could learn a thing or two from Backlinko’s excellent blog. Other than that, Backlinko also has some of the most insightful case studies out there. Try reading the agency’s case studies to acquire in-depth information on SEO.




These blogs are just some of the best in the world of SEO. Check them out anytime to learn more about the importance and benefits of SEO and digital marketing for your business. For more relevant articles, you can explore more of OOm’s blog here.


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