Stretching Minimum Goals To The Maximum: How To Convert Blog Readers Into Paying Customers?

All of us have maximum and minimum plans. For a child, their maximum goals might be to get that magnificent bike on their birthday. On a minimum, their goals might be to follow their parents when they are told to sleep and behave. As they grow, these goals will become bigger and more complicated. A student’s goals on the maximum might be to graduate but on the minimum, it might just be to ace that quiz. We, too, in digital marketing, have our own goals on the maximum and on the minimum. When publishing blogs and other articles, we have already a set of goals. On the minimum, it will be to have audiences to read it and gain traffic. Of course on the maximum, any content marketer’s goal is to increase income by converting these blog readers into paying customers.


From here, you would see the maximum and the minimum goals being connected with each other. Achievements on the minimum goals would translate into reaching the maximum goals. With this, for a digital marketer, you can also convert faithful blog readers into paying customers. But the question is how? Good thing, we are here to share with you our ideas on how you can convert blog readers into paying customers:




1. Know Your Customers

This would be very much like writing a really good blog, yes, but in order to encourage audiences to even view your article, it must be about one that they understand, right? This is how important it is to get to know your audience. When you know who your audiences are, it would be easy for you to know which topic will pique their interests. If you want to know how you can get to know your consumers in detail, you can check out our other article: Market Research: How to Target Consumers for better sales.



2. Choose A Topic

Now that you already know who your customers are, you can just choose a topic that customers will find interesting. When choosing a topic, you can assess if it is timely and relevant. This means that when pitching for a topic, it is best that it is within the current trends of the industry where you are in. More than this, it is important to write the topic in a way that’s catchy and in a way that people will never forget. We have also said something before about how to pitch interesting topics on our blog.



3. Be Engaging And Interesting

This goes without saying, but for the sake of running things down, it is important that you would be able to grab the attention of your audiences. You may have already lured them by your topic and how well you have written your title, but if the article turns out to be bland and boring, audiences will not waste time in leaving your sit. With this, it is still important to be engaging and to keep the audiences entertained with what you are trying to say.



4. Use Keywords

Keywords serve as your signals to Google that you are talking about this particular topic. These keywords will guide users to your site. Once an audience types in and looks up the keywords you have inquired, they may be redirected to you.



5. Add A Content Upgrade


Now, this is where you explicitly try to convert readers into paying customers, Naturally, your readers would hardly return to your website and read your blogs unless you are a renowned personality or unless we’re talking about a fansite. To keep your audiences pressed, try getting their email. This way, you have turned a reader who just passed by your article into a lead and that’s already something. This is a critical step in converting them into paying customers. Once you have finally gotten their email, you now also have contact with them. You can now communicate with them directly and build a good relationship with them. By this, you can add a free resource through which you can get your audiences’ email address.



6. Add A Sales Process

After fostering a good relationship with them, you can now guide them through a kind of sales process where they will be directed into availing your services. The steps or processes that you are going to use for this will vary. However, with this, it is necessary to choose one that really guides the audiences step by step throughout the purchase.


This process on how to convert your blog readers into paying customers will drastically translate minimum goals into your maximum goals. With this, you can stretch the goals of every task that you are going to do to reach the maximum potential of your campaigns. Here in Singapore, SEO companies work hard in order to fulfil your goals. If you need to seek a reliable SEO company that can handle your digital marketing campaigns, you can inquire here at OOm.