SEM Companies in Singapore: Choosing The Best

Search Engine Marketing is today’s most used business booster online. It is only natural that marketing in general shifts like this as more and more people are becoming more dependent and connected online every day. Businesses that do turn to SEM for help save more costs compared with ones that still use ad spots.   […]

Is Love Enough?: This Talks About SEO

“Love”   A word that can be used for almost everything: work, relationships, passions, fame. It’s such a powerful word.   But is love enough when it comes to optimising websites for search engines? Is it enough to simply “love” Search Engine Optimisination (SEO)?   The short answer? NO.   Like what a wise friend […]

Revisiting the Penguin Update Before It Arrives Again Real Soon

During the early years, SEO specialists have noticed that having plenty of links, even from low quality sites was effective in ranking high in the search engine results. Thus, many have resorted to “shady” practices. To name a few practices that still exist today are, creating self-written articles spammed with exact match keywords, directory listings […]