SEM Companies in Singapore: Choosing The Best

Search Engine Marketing is today’s most used business booster online. It is only natural that marketing in general shifts like this as more and more people are becoming more dependent and connected online every day. Businesses that do turn to SEM for help save more costs compared with ones that still use ad spots.


With Search Engine Marketing, you get to reach more people compared with traditional marketing.


Having a chance to do this of course, gives you additional chances in acquiring potential clients and customers – an end result that comes from properly tailored SEM strategies. That being said, choosing an agency that offers the correct kind of SEM services for you here in Singapore means that you will need to be able to check the ideal types of aspects of such companies and agencies.


Here’s a few things you should look for.


Before you start looking for various SEM Agencies all over Singapore, you must first know your goals. Take a look at what your overall goals are. Once you’ve determined these essential details and you’ve realized which kinds of end results you would want for your business, look for the agency that can actually meet your expectations. It’s easier to find the proper SEM agency when you know what you want to happen.


Next is that you should check the history of an SEM agency’s work.

Look for a track record of success, ask for case studies etc. If it looks pretty good so far, add them on your shortlist.


Does the agency itself rank well on Google?

Remember that in Search Engine Optimization, the idea is that websites are optimized to perform well online. If the SEM agency itself that you are looking at isn’t performing well online, then there must be something wrong. Always choose the agencies that can actually perform well themselves on search.


Do they actually specialize in Search Engine Marketing?

Today, there are a lot of agencies out there that offer these kinds of services. Take time to check them thoroughly. Remember, make sure that they can actually show it and prove it themselves online.


How do they measure improvements and success?

How does a successful campaign look like to them? Do they base it on the number of clicks? ROI? Rankings? And does these things meet the type of goals you have in mind?


How frequently do they send reports?

Is it real-time reporting, weekly or monthly? It is essential that you take time to check their reporting process as this will give you a better picture of how your business is doing.


Make sure that you get to find out how long to wait for actual substantial results.

These will vary depending on the medium. But in SEM, most especially PPC, results would come sooner than usual. Find a company that not only delivers graphs and numbers but can also explain key metrics and figures in each report they give you.


Do they only offer ranking results?

Or do they actually give you something more? Ranking high on search results is only half the battle won. A good SEM agency offers services that can also give you quality leads and actually help your business flourish the correct way.


Check how your shortlist of SEM companies responds to (or avoid) Google penalties.

Technically speaking, if a website isn’t doing anything wrong or shady, you shouldn’t worry too much about it. But, fluctuations in performance is inevitable. So are updates in Google’s algorithm. If they panic in the midst of an update, you might want to consider looking for another agency out there. What you need to be looking for is an SEM agency that can calmly adapt to change quickly with results that won’t destroy your campaign or worse, your business.


Are they transparent with you?

Search Engine Optimization has grown through the years and it has come to a point where you can actually fake results or cheat. An actually reputable SEM company has absolutely nothing to hide from their customers. Which brings us to…


Do your list of SEM agencies do Black Hat SEO?

Pick out the ones that do and leave out the ones that don’t. Simple as that. Black Hat SEO is one of the quickest ways you can boost your business. It is also one of the quickest ways you can destroy it. Re-using text content, overusing keywords, using exact keywords on sentences etc. all these things are just some of the telltale signs that the SEM agency you’re looking at is as bad as it gets. But not in a good way.


Check how they get keywords for your campaign.

This is the basis of every SEM strategy. Carefully check each of the SEM agency’s set of keywords. See which set of recommended keywords would work most for your campaign and therefore, your business.


Check how they communicate with you.

Are they actively communicating with you? Do they ask questions? In business, being able to communicate with you constantly, the client is very important. You wouldn’t want to pay money in the dark. What you would want to have is them constantly giving you updates on what’s happening.


In the end, what you should remember is that you should know your goals and the business partners you should be looking for that will do all the Search Engine Marketing for you also have that same goal and actually has the skill to attain that goal for you.


The correct SEM agency will help you give the edge and impact you desire the most. But choosing the correct one will matter the most.