Is Love Enough?: This Talks About SEO



A word that can be used for almost everything: work, relationships, passions, fame. It’s such a powerful word.


But is love enough when it comes to optimising websites for search engines? Is it enough to simply “love” Search Engine Optimisination (SEO)?


The short answer? NO.


Like what a wise friend of mine always says “love is never enough. It’s just a bonus.”


Why Love is Not Enough

When it comes to SEO, feelings are not enough to keep you in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs); skills, knowledge, and technical know-how are equally important. It’s not enough to be passionate and day-dreaming everyday about ranking high on the search pages.


When we’re passionate about something, we tend to think it’s easy, and that we can do it ourselves without asking for help. But optimising websites to be search engine-friendly is very complicated and requires a lot of practice and knowledge to do; it requires a lot of learning and dedication to the craft.


What you should do

So, simply “loving” or being passionate about something (like SEO) isn’t enough. What should you do now? What efforts do you need to take so you can enjoy yourself doing something you love and being really effective in doing it?


You need to have three things: the passion to learn, the dedication to improve, and the patience to be the best


The Passion To Learn

For any hobby or skill you love, you must always have the passion to learn it. The same goes for SEO: to fully understand and love SEO, you must have a passion to learn the basic concepts behind it and the complex structures of the SEO process.


From understanding the codes to knowing what keywords to target, you’ll need to learn and understand the SEO process – and that would require a lot more than simple love.


You can start by learning SEO online, there are a lot of materials on the internet on how to do SEO. Joining seminars are also a good way to better understand the SEO techniques you find online, and you’ll have interaction with SEO experts to help you out.


Dedication to Improve

Your dedication to improve your skills is another thing you need to consider when learning SEO. SEO is an ever-changing landscape, and there are always regular updates that you must keep track of. If you don’t keep up with the latest SEO trends and techniques, you can expect your skills to become obsolete over time no matter how much you love SEO.


Learning new techniques and trying them on new updates are ways to see how dedicated you are to improving your SEO techniques. Knowing how the new updates will affect your website’s ranking and knowing the new penalties will help you improve your techniques.


Patience to be the best

Like all things in life, polishing a skill like SEO techniques will require lots of patience. Days of practicing, hours of learning and understanding, and years of finding the right technique to use to achieve a certain goal. Being the best in SEO doesn’t come overnight.


The key is always patience. Do the daily grind and before you know it, you’re doing things you didn’t expect you can do. If you work on your skill modestly and properly, you’ll be the best SEO specialist in no time. But if you’re impatient, you’ll be under constant stress and you won’t achieve your goal, no matter how much you dream to be the best in your craft.


No matter how much you love something, simply loving it isn’t enough. You must work hard to make sure that you’re achieving something with that love. The same goes for love between spouses or couples: simply loving one another is not enough, you must learn to work on the relationship and how to keep the love alive.


Doing SEO requires a lot of technical know-how to be able to execute a good strategy. If you’re having a hard time optimising your website, it would be wise to tap your local SEO Company to help you out.


Love conquers all, but you need to do your part to make it work.