Three Top Social Networking Sites in Singaporeans for Marketers


The trend for effective social media campaigns in Singapore is rising. What is the secret to attaining such campaigns? Well, the Singaporeans has one of the highest internet penetration rate based on studies and that helps them with the campaigns that they are targeting.


Photo by Matt Hamm


How many social network users does Singapore have? In 2012, there is more than 3.5 million users, so that is roughly about 68% of the total population. Forecasts for 2013 are a conservative 74% of the 4.2 million users.


Which one takes most of the pie? Facebook, of course, with a whopping 62.2 percent of the total Singaporean population. They also log in on the approximate average of 20 hours a month on the social networking site and using the site for almost 40 minutes per usage. This data shows why Facebook campaigns are so successful in Singapore.


Each Facebook user has an average of 18 status updates per month and each Facebook user has an approximate 319 friends. Singaporeans ‘like’d on an approximate of 37 content of friends per month and shared  22 of content to their friends per month. Last but not the least, 64.4% of Facebook users used it in mobile, meaning through apps. Facebook in Singapore is huge and this is why this is a market full of potential to explore.


Twitter, on the other hand, has 49.4% users from the total population which converts to more than 2.5 million people. Pretty lower compared to the Facebook’s performance but the brand has been continually improving its service to capture more of the users specially with its pending IPO application and a major redesign.


Singaporeans spent around 7.7 hours per month for Twitter in 2012. Each Twitter user has an average of 147 ‘followers’ but each user tweets about 77 times in a month, ‘favourites’ 15.6 times and re-tweets 21.1  times. Twitter users using the mobile platform are around 60%. The forecast would be a slow but steady growth for Twitter users in 2013.


Actually, compared to the other social media sites, Youtube has the highest active membership and viewership at 76% of the total Singaporean online population but not that active clout of friends. Mainly because it is integrated with Google Mail because it is a part of the Google accounts and they use YouTube to view videos. And perhaps due to this, many does not regard Youtube as a social networking site.


Youtube has an almost perfect user base. They have almost balanced split of users from 15 to 54 years. Each user on the average views 151 videos and spends around 11 hours watching them a month.