Top Three Singaporean Facebook Fan Pages

A sign of a successful Facebook Fan Page is the activity of fans and the fan count. Essentially we would need to know the most successful Fan Pages so that we could gain inspiration from their experiences and have something we gauge our fan page with. The rates are verified fans from Singapore. Shall we start?


1. Samsung Mobile – 244, 142 fans

The mobile company is raking in some serious fans in Facebook. It goes to show that Singapore is a possible Android country with these statistics.


Most of the fans are riveted with the new product launches of the smart phone magnate. Who can not care when the new Galaxy Note 3 is released? At least for these fans, they are updated with the latest changes, updates and new products of the mobile brand.


How does Samsung do it? Pretty much engaging their fans on their new releases. They post pictures of the latest gadgets and devices and also share tips and tricks on their devices. They also launch campaigns wherein people have can win one of the latest Samsung gadgets.


2. McDonald’s Singapore – 243, 000 fans

The fast-food retail chain is the top fast-food Fan Page in Singapore. McDonald’s Singapore is quite aggressive in wooing their fan base because they post frequently even though not entirely related to food.


McDonald’s Singapore is localized meaning their content is highly relatable to the Singaporean crowd and that their messages are sometimes tailored to the happenings in Singapore. It goes to show that McDonald’s values and likes their customers and customers in turn like them back. It is amazing for a big brand to embrace their fans like their peers.


How does McDonald’s do it? They post once a day and do not bother their fans aside from that one post. They condense their valuable post into one, either they promote one of their seasonal menu items or their breakfast meals or put a motivational picture for the fans to inspire their day with.


3.  FlyScoot – 212, 519 fans

The low-cost airline carrier takes the top spot for service-related Facebook Page. Scoot is a cheap airline in Singapore but they do not take their customers for granted. They give out superb customer satisfaction even help on their Facebook Page.


Scoot might be availed by people because of their relatively lower rates, but they have built a loyal following of fans who really value the relationship that Scoot has it with its customers.


How does Scoot do it? They make their customers feel like a part of their family. Isn’t it amazing how an airline company can make you feel at home. They keep in touch with their customers well and even bite into the SGAG Scoot memes. It simply means that Scoot is listening and people appreciate that.


These data are gathered from SocialBakers