Traffic Over The Rainbow: How Color Plays A Big Role in Online Marketing


As a painter myself, I personally am aware of how much I will be compelled to gravitate towards anything that’s “visually attractive”. Even at a very young age, we humans are innately attracted to anything colorful. It is, quite frankly, in our nature as humans. Hence the fact that toys are covered in a ridiculously wide array of vivid colors which are mostly primary ones.


Color has a big role for companies for selling their toys. Even back in 1979.


Colors can compel us and influence our actions and behavior. When you see red lights flashing about the walls and cars anywhere in the city, you would unconsciously and automatically feel alert. The correlation  of this “red-colored light” and the image of an “emergency situation” is embedded deep within ourselves and our minds early on.


When businesses market products, they also take all these things in consideration. Everyone knows that you cannot sell a Hamburger with pictures that do not have any colors. It’ll probably sell a bit better with the wrong colors, but of course, one can profoundly optimize the selling of a hamburger with the RIGHT colors. Colors that will influence, and will make the Hamburger more appetizing.


The most successful business owners out there today also know how to utilize the right colors and try to incorporate these things to further optimize the overall performance of their website’s user experience. Most of us never really notice these things. And no one ever wonders why, or if colors are involved at all when it comes to attaining success online. Most website owners that are not aware with these things will be more likely to be concerned with the inner workings of a website than to even consider what kind of color to use to make their website attract visitors. The small things usually gives weight to anything every time.


When considering which color to use to make your website more attractive visually, you need to know your target as well. You can’t use Pink and sell car racing parts online. Or use Black in a website that mainly features content about charity. Or new born baby equipment. Being appropriate also is very important.


Red is one of the most popular colors in marketing. It gives out that sense of power. It’ll be quite effective if it’s not overly used though. We don’t want visitors to feel like their eyes are getting strained. This color also is very good for logos. Popular sites today use this.


From Coca Cola UK.


When you see the color Blue, which popular websites come into mind?


From Facebook. Hi Mark.


If you want to give your website to give out that “Trustworthy” and “Cool” trait, you automatically use the color Blue. One of the reasons why hyperlinks back then were usually blue was also because of the fact that people would want their links to look, “Trustworthy”.


By the way, there’s twitter too. 🙂 Harbinger of the “Hip and Cool”


Of course if you want to attract and target mainly the female demographic, you use the color Pink. Pink is essentially a feminine and very light vibrant color. There’s a lot of products you could sell with this, baby products, female dresses, dolls etc.


From Pulcopiyo.Com. Very cute indeed.


The color to choose when you want energy, enthusiasm, excitement, cheerfulness, creativity and warmth is Orange. Websites with this color often are easily recognized by people. And hence this color is also used in safety equipment and clothes.


Rappler is a news site from the Philippines.


For placing highlights on parts of your website, use the color Yellow. Also, websites with Yellow as their main color usually use this to give out that vibrant bright and “happy” sort of feel to the website. Very optimistic and positive.


Caterpillar has used Yellow and black accents for so long, they kind of own that combination now.


Combining Yellow with Black is a very good and strong strategy. Black is a very powerful color… when used properly and appropriately. Black imbues strength, power, authority and solidarity. You can use this to contrast with other colors. It can also give more focus to the color it’s being combined with. Like when it’s being partnered with yellow for example. Black can be used when selling jewelries as it amplifies the “elegance” or the “sophistication” of a product.


Black looks good with European cars too.


Does color affect SEO? Well… okay. Not directly. BUT, search engines want websites that are easy for people to use. Easy for people to see. Which in turn (along with tweaking the other inner workings of a website) would then help in SEO.


By correctly utilizing, combining and integrating these colors to a website, it helps in making things on your website more legible, more visually enticing and clickable. Which is something you will need.


Choose the colors and think of the best combinations for your business but also think about the appropriate ones. Consider all these and optimize the performance of your site. Don’t be a boring canvas, bring out your inner Picasso or Salvador Dali and use color to your website’s advantage.