As the new year unfolds, many businesses are looking ahead for ways to improve their strategies for 2019. They are looking to invest more time and money in digital marketing and at the same time, reinforce their presence on social media and online.


Thus, this year also proves to be a great time to offer advice as organisations are looking for recommendations on how to do better than last year.


But, what exactly should forward-thinking businesses keep in mind this year? In a digital marketing specialist’s point of view, allow us to share what you should invest in, in this time of fast-paced growth.


Digital Marketing Investments to Make in 2019: The Statistics

It has long been since the days when businesses heavily invest in traditional marketing including pamphlets, billboards, and print ads. Instead, they are now focusing their investment on digital marketing which allows them to reach to their audience where they are present.


In fact, a study by the Manifest surveyed about 500 digital marketers to discover how their investments in digital marketing will change for 2019. The study shows that:


About 99% of the businesses surveyed are planning to ramp up their investment in at least one digital marketing channel.


More than 50% are looking to invest more time and money on social media marketing and at the same time, spend less on banner ads as well as paid search ads.


The majority of the businesses are projecting to invest up to 75% of their overall marketing budget to digital marketing.


Businesses use different resources to support their digital marketing including in-house staff, software, a digital marketing agency and a consultant.


Advertising and Marketing


1. Marketing Personalisation


Marketing is becoming more personal and will remain to be so this 2019. Generic campaigns like cold calls to action will no longer attract customers. Hence, in order to succeed, you need to improve your marketing and communication efforts by offering personalised, high-value content.


This strategy would be your safest bet as it will allow you to speak directly to your audience and in turn, deliver positive results. Your data analytics will help you identify the kind of approach that will drive the most results based on your consumers’ demographics and behaviour.


2. Email Personalisation


As mentioned, personalised communication is the way to go for 2019 and a customised email will send the signal to your recipient that it was custom-made particularly for him.


It’s a strategy that continues to alter the way of digital marketing. In fact, studies show that it can increase open-rates by 26% and click-through-rates by as much as 97%. However, you have to keep in mind that its success relies greatly on sending the right content to the right person.


3. Social Advertising


On the other hand, competition on the Facebook paid ad landscape is rising. More and more companies are embracing the social media platform resulting in the increase in paid ads at a remarkable pace.


Now, while it’s not necessary for small businesses to jump on the ad bandwagon, larger businesses need to step up their game to stay ahead of other advertisers – and while it’s true that the move can result to higher advertising costs, it’s still one way to achieve greater results. After all, posting photos and updates don’t always cut it anymore.


Final Tips

The world is changing and so is the way of digital marketing. More than ever, consumers are relying on the Internet to make purchasing decisions. It gives you all the more reason to invest more in digital marketing this year and definitely for the years to come. But, how exactly to do so?


1. Plan Ahead


For you to keep your head above the waters, you need to plan ahead. Keeping an eye on the changes in consumer behaviour is key as they influence the trends based on what they need and want at the moment. This way, you will be better equipped to adapt to changes as they occur.


2. Stay Relevant


As you can see, the digital marketing landscape changes so quickly and you need to adapt to remain fresh and relevant. Never ignore the power of delivering timely information in helping you become a trusted resource and on top of these, don’t forget to invest in lower-tier content production such as daily social media posts to keep your business visible on their feed.


2019 is the year to invest in digital marketing and a reliable digital marketing services provider can help you get started. Get in touch with us today!


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