What You Need to Know About Google My Business, and Google Reviews

There are now different platforms that allow you to boost your business in this vast digital space – one of them is Google My Business. More companies now set up their Google My Business profiles in order to become more connected to their target audiences in the digital space. If individuals have Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to connect to their families, and friends, and to represent themselves in the digital world, businesses can have Google My Business accounts to represent themselves effectively, and to connect to their target audiences easily in search engines (though, businesses may set up their accounts in those social networking sites, too!)


What is Google My Business?


Google My Business is a service operated by Google that allows your business to have a better platform on the said search engines. This allows businesses to have more control of what would show on the search results when a given business name is searched. This also allows businesses to have a more verified presence on the search engine. With Google My Business, your business can have a website without any cost. This is a strategic way to showcase your brand in the digital space, and with a skilled search engine Optimization (SEO) company, your Google My Business, or your brand in general, would have a chance in the vast space of the world wide web.


What does Google My Business show?

Information. Google My Business would show important information about your business, like the address of your shop, boutique, or office. It would also show your contact number in case a customer who is searching on Google would have any inquiries. Indicated there is also the office hours of your business, or the hours your shop would be open.


Question & Answer. It has a question & answers feature where anyone can ask questions regarding the business.


Photos. Google My Business also has pictures of the business’ establishment, shop, or interior etc.


Popular Times. Depending on the business, it can also indicate how busy the business is depending on the time, and day. It can also redirect you to other accounts of the business such as Facebook.


Posts. Business owners can use their Google My Business accounts to post updates, promotions, announcements, and more. Business owners can post 4 different types of posts: What’s New, Events, Product, and Offer. With each post, descriptions, links, or pictures can be added. There are also call to action buttons which are Book, Buy, Order Online, Learn More, and Sign Up


Google Reviews. One of the most important features of Google My Business Must be its Reviews where customers can write down their feedback regarding the said business. If another customer has found a business’ Google My Business account, they can get to know the performance, and efficiency of the said business. The Reviews will also generate a rating for the business. The average rating of the business gathered from all the customers who have rated will also be shown. It builds customer trust.


What can Google Reviews do to your SEO?

Google Reviews can strategically enhance your SEO. Having ample Google reviews can help your business, or your brand rank higher in search engine result pages. Especially with positive reviews, others will be influenced in trusting you, and your brand, resulting in an increase of clicks to your site.


Increased “click-through rate”, and positive reviews will prompt trust signals to the algorithm of Google. This allows your website to rank higher as people look up keywords on the internet related to you. There will be an increase in traffic with your website.


Increased positive Google Reviews will also incite a better position of your website in the local search results.


Why do you need to set up your Google My Business now?

Everything that will lead to an increase in your sales falls in place with having a good Google My Business website. Not to mention that it is cost-effect, it will be a good platform for your business to have an effective, and legitimate platform in the digital space. It is a good way to keep your customers, and patrons informed with the user-friendly information it indicates, and with the posts that Google My Business allows you to release.


As stated before, it is also a good strategy to boost your SEO. With good reviews, customer trust will be fostered. More will be piqued in trying out your brand, and looking you up on the internet. Your click-through rate will increase, and the Google algorithm will act up, and rank you higher in search results.

If you want to have the same results to your business, it is high time for you to try, and set up your Google My Business account! This should be effectively handled by skilled digital marketing strategists in your area. For these kinds of concerns, it would be best to also seek the services of a skilled, and trusted SEO company.