Why do Some Customers Hate Social Media Accounts of Brands?


Not because you are in the social media sphere doesn’t necessarily you are in your customers. Perhaps you’ve crafted a perfect social media account, but how can your readers and followers closely follow your page?




There are probably two extreme kinds of brands on social media, one that never posts anything on their page or the other one who posts updates every hour, every minute or ,worse, every second. The former makes the brand seem catatonic in a very active social media, while the latter makes the brand seem like an eager beaver who cannot contain himself.


The former which we might call the Passive Online Marketer puts up their online presence but posts only to inform their clients. They post to their own convenience. Customers, on the other hand, sometimes post queries and some concerns on the products or the services involved which are left unattended.


Complaints are perceived as ignored and sometimes not answered properly or not taken seriously, which is a big problem especially now that the people think of social media as a form of customer service. On the other hand, praises which were handed to the brand social media account which were also ignored are also seen as rude. While unanswered questions is not good since it will show people that you are not always checking your social media accounts and people will think it is useless to connect to your social media brands.


It goes to show that social media interaction is essential in order to manage the pages and to gauge your crowd’s interest, inklings even behaviour towards your brand. Through frequent page management, the brand learns more about their customers and might offer a new service which is more geared to their interest and post related content much to their customer’s likings.


The other kind of Online Marketer is called the Hyperactive Online Marketer. Where the marketer is more excited than the customers. And the end product? The customers get annoyed, big time.


One thing marketers must understand is that the customer’s lives does not revolve on their brands and that they shouldn’t be doing that. Customers are pressured and even stifled with the overly posted messages. People are busy and that you should mix or blend within their schedule. Try to limit your content to maximum of three posts per day, although the best would be one post per day. Limit your posts but make it concise and complete but plan your content beforehand to make your posts more professional.