3 Reasons To Set Up Google Analytics


For people who have virtually no idea on how Google Analytics works, read up. For those who are still looking for reasons why to integrate this system, this article will let you see the pros of having the system built in your website.


As an introductory question, what is Google Analytics. Simply put it is a tool by Google that helps people see the statistics on their website, primarily tracking the traffic and the behavior of users in the website. Cool, right?


So, what does this got to do with you?


Well, the system is beneficial to small, medium and large scale businesses since it helps them scale the efforts that they have on their website based on their market. It also helps them realize consumer behavior on their website. Not only does this apply to e-commerce websites but it also applies to simple landing pages. Remember that Google Analytics helps you track activity and helps you realize where you are going wrong.


Still not convinced? Let me help you with my top three reasons why you have to have Google Analytics (or some Analytics tool for that matter)


1. Google Analytics is free and it is easy to install into the website.

There are several plug-ins that help you install the software onto your code or you can do it manually since it is simple. The system of the tool is also simple and very easy to understand. You could try to read their tutorials which present really valuable ideas and tools for your website.


2. Setting up of Conversion Path.

A conversion path is the pattern by which the audience or the traffic comes in and trickling down in your website. So you know where the people are going in your website and you know where people are typically leaving your site. Conversion funnels track if people are “converting” or are behaving as the marketers would want them to behave. If the audience is not converting, this kind of system will help people realize what is wrong or what is lacking in the website.


3.  It Generates Reports, Actionable Ones.

This just keeps getting better. The tool helps you make an actionable insight on the pages which you are not converting. For example it measures the time lag and path length which signifies what pages you need to improve in order to get back the customers browsing through it. It also shows data on much needed numbers in marketing like geography, exposure path and keywords.


There are several software that are up to par and less laggy than Google Analytics but then it is the best service out there for its price and the fact that they’re constantly improving their services to give insight to the entrepreneurs is a good reason to stick with it.