4 Web Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

We have come a long way since the early days of web design and development. Back then, simple images and animations would do the trick and help your website look flawless. But now, you have to incorporate unique web design methods to make your website more attractive and appealing to internet users.


Every year, there is something new in store for the world of web design, and 2021 is no different. Expect this year to bring both new and old web design trends.


2021 is all about realism. To follow the latest web design trends, you have to achieve a realistic look for your website. Combine digital and realism to create an immersive and visually aesthetic experience that other websites fail to offer.


First, let us look at some of the previous web design trends of last year and see how we can incorporate them with the latest themes.



Web Design In 2020: A Brief Summary

Last year was an unfortunate time for everyone due to COVID-19. On the bright side, the world of web design and digital marketing experienced a lot of positive changes. Many of these changes were leaning towards user interface (UI), creative animations, and minimalist typography.


While most of the web design trends in 2020 were nothing new, they brought back the importance of simplicity in visuals. People are more likely to enjoy visiting your website if it is easy on the eyes and requires little effort to explore.


In summary, here are some of the previous web design trends of 2020:


  • Typography
  • Animations
  • Interactive Features
  • Retro and modern visuals
  • Improved UI
  • Dark mode


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These web design trends will always remain relevant. However, this year will bring many new things to the table. Check out some of the latest web design trends in 2021.




1. Relaxing Colours

Web Design Trends in 2021


The right colours can subtly improve your mood for the rest of the day, especially when it comes to web design. Your colour scheme will leave a long-lasting impression of your brand image on your customers.


In recent years, web designers have shifted from bright, striking visuals to warmer, more relaxing colour schemes. Nowadays, web designers are trying to mix the balance between dark and light by opting for relaxing colours instead.


Comfortable or relaxing colours are the middle ground between dark and light. You will encounter many soft colour palettes like pastel blue and warm brown in 2021. These types of colour schemes hit the right balance of vibrant yet subtle tones, and perhaps you can use them for your web design theme.


2. Scrollytelling



The word “scrollytelling” is a portmanteau of “scroll” and “storytelling”. Scrollytelling is a web design concept that transforms old-fashioned storytelling into an immersive form of interaction.


Scrollytelling begins when a web page reveals new images and animations each time a person scrolls down. The goal is to captivate users and provide them with an interactive experience.


While it is not a new concept, scrollytelling is making huge waves again in 2021. Perhaps you can implement this interactive form of storytelling in your website to set a positive first impression of your brand. Use creative animations to emphasise the story you want to share with your customers.


3. Music And Sounds

Web design is all about visuals and creating a compelling digital experience. However, this 2021, expect audio to be a significant part of web design.


Many websites are now incorporating music and audio cues. These sounds can help people with visual impairments explore through a website more swiftly. You can set the music or audio cues as an option for users to give them more control over their website experience.


4. Interactive Questionnaires And Quizzes

Interactive Questionnaire And Quizzes


The first time a person visits your landing page may be the most crucial part of their experience on your website. The quality of your landing page could determine if the person will explore your other web pages. In that case, try giving your customers a personalised digital experience by offering interactive questionnaires or quizzes.


You can provide your customers with a short questionnaire or quiz that will encourage them to make their own decisions. Instead of forcing your customers to visit your product page and read each description, your questionnaire will bring them exactly where they want to be at that very moment.




These trends are the present and future of web design and development. Watch out for the latest news and updates in the web design industry to see how you can improve your website’s visual aesthetics and performance even further.


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