5 Brands that Succeeded in Facebook Marketing

Social Media Platform

The innovation of social media marketing in Singapore has proven to be powerful in raising brand awareness. Among the platforms that have been consistent in generating sales is Facebook. Reaching out to the consumers through this medium is effective with the right strategies. Certainly, it takes awhile for the posts to create an impact on the number of followers. Even when these are done regularly, the kind of content that it contains determines the connection with the consumer.


Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Pages are now active for at least 65 million merchants. Every month, a minimum of 1.9 billion users are able to log in. From these data, it is evident that the efforts made on Facebook for business have to be given importance. Strategies that produce good results include attractive visual content, providing questions to consumers, intervals between posts, and giving a contest. When a brand succeeds through Facebook marketing in Singapore, the consumer feels valued.


Based on information obtained from consumers, there are certain factors that make them stay on the Facebook page of a brand. It has to relay updates that are sincere and credible. Trust in the details about the product or service has to be evident. The presence of negative comments is acceptable as long as the brand defends itself proactively. When reviews are all positive, it gives the impression that the brand hides certain data.


It is amazing to see how the power of Facebook is able to drive growth for any specific brand. With businesses sprouting left and right, the competition to attract consumers online is tough. But no matter how many peas are there in a pod, some really stands out. These are the famous brands that have experienced success on this platform.


Pezzo Pizza

This brand of pizza delights the consumer with its Facebook marketing in Singapore. From seeing its page, it is noticeable that a plan for content was created. Updates that are provided contain good quality information. Engaging with the consumer is done regularly in tiny posts. By showing appealing photos of the pizza, the consumer is convinced to have a bite when a slice is seen personally.



Microsoft is among the leading brands on the list in using Facebook for its marketing efforts. In its industry, being regarded as a leader signifies effective use of the medium. For its style to connect to the consumer, it mentions the features of the product in a technical manner. The ways in which it provides convenience to the consumer are given emphasis. Seeing the Facebook page of this brand shows splendid visuals. Also, there are guides that explain how-tos. On a daily basis, the posts are deemed to be significant.


Scene Shang

Through constant Facebook marketing in Singapore, consumers feel good in seeing the furnishings that Scene Shang provides. The page reflects the design acumen and skill in making visuals come to life! Found at the Raffles Hotel, it caters to the consumers who come here for business or pleasure. Historical art and design are featured on the products.


Red Bull

With the popularity of social media marketing in Singapore on Facebook, Red Bull is also recognised. This brand of energy drink receives credit for creating copy that is related to sports. Producing appealing videos for the consumer to see catapults sharing of the post to 1,200%. Regarded as more effective, it has more power than the combination of images and text. Videos about sports that are shown include tricks in motorbiking, sailing, jumping on a cliff, and taekwondo.


For the production of each video, background music is played that enhances the scene. Skills that show endurance and the ability to win are also demonstrated. It is amazing that the videos of this brand are able to attract likes and shares very fast! The information displayed for the consumer is entertaining and informative. As physically active members, they learn new knowledge on having the most out of their exercises. Strengthening of their physical condition is developed.



Being active through Facebook marketing in Singapore, Nike is another brand that sells well. It is important to consider the consumer’s interest in creating the post. Tease the consumer by making the post relatable. An estimated 74% of consumers wants an element of personalisation. For the style of Nike, it has a Facebook page that caters to a different interest. Every sport that it caters to has varying consumers. Since the page has specific demographics to please, updates are filtered.


From these Facebook tactics that proved effective for these brands, make these as a guide. See how the sales of the brand improve.




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