Digital Marketing Tips – How to beef up your Facebook page

We all know how powerful Facebook is. To say that Facebook is one of the leading social networking sites is an understatement. To put it more lightly, Facebook is the social networking site for both personal and business use.


Having a Facebook page for business is essential. In this day and age, being alive and well in social media should be a priority. Without a well-performing page on any social media site, your business won’t thrive as expected.


Elevate your path to success! Your Facebook page holds a lot of potential, so take it up a notch and boost your account. You’ll make a sizeable community along the way! Here’s how you can beef up your Facebook page.


Keep your template updated

Your template showcases your brand’s type and goals. It’s the first impression of your visitors.


The template options may seem similar to each other, but their information is actually based on your business. Here are the current business page templates:


  • Business
  • Non-profit
  • Politicians
  • Services
  • Shopping
  • Restaurants & Cafe
  • Venues
  • Video Page
  • Standard


Make the most out of your template by using each every included tab. You can easily manage each tab and section to your liking to add more to your brand’s descriptions. You can include live videos, services, or even application.


Focus on visuals

First impressions last, especially for brands online. Create appealing images or videos that represent your business to its core. The cover page is the most important image you should focus on since it’s the very first thing your visitors will see.


If your cover image isn’t enough to catch the eye of your customers, promote other aspects of your brand. Consider your services, products, opportunities, and make engaging images out of them.


Conceptualise a creative theme of your brand image. Whenever you post images or videos, make sure they’re intact with your overall theme.


Colour and typography are two major factors of brand presentation, so it’s safe to consider your marketing potential by focusing on these two aspects. Creating eye-catching visuals will surely make an impression.


Utilise Messenger

Everyone likes a responsive business. Replying to your customers as quickly as possible is a good of saying they’re important. It’s a satisfaction for the customer knowing that their answers are delivered as quickly as possible. Utilise the Facebook Messenger application and connect with your customers on a consistent basis.


As of today, Facebook has updated its Business Page Messenger to supper 24/7 customer services and responsiveness. You can offer pre-set messages as automated responses so you can reply to them even when you’re offline.


Utilising Facebook Messenger enables you to connect with more customers. In return, you’ll build stronger customer relationships.


Facebook marketing

Paid ads are a way to improve your social ranking on Facebook. It’s an effective campaign that boosts natural posts and extends the reach of your content to certain audiences. You’ll acquire target customers by evaluating personal user data gathered paid ads.


There’s a limitless number of options when using paid ads. You’ll take control of the data that’s gathered. From here, you can utilise the demographic filters so you know which target your ads will reach.


Consistent content

Content is the driving force behind every marketing strategy. From white hat SEO to outsourcing, content is the hook that will keep your customers in touch with your brand. Focus on content as your number one priority.


Remember, the goal of your Facebook page is to deliver valuable content to your customers. This means you’ll have to publish quality content consistently. Think about what else your brand can offer by branching out your content to anything related to your business.


Conduct interviews, create engaging articles, or create case studies; these actions will build the bulk of your Facebook page. Eventually, your content will be the reason why your customers are loyal to you in the first place.


Promote elsewhere

Facebook may arguably be the most powerful platform on social media, but that doesn’t mean you can’t utilise other networking sites. Feel free to use Instagram, Twitter, or even WhatsApp as platforms for your brand.


With the aforementioned examples, always provide links that will connect them back to your Facebook page. Use other social networking sites as a medium for promoting your Facebook page.

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