Social Media: The Razzle Dazzle of Link Building

Search engine marketing is a very wide net that is made up of a whole slew of different elements. Right down from the little details on the Technical side of SEO, right out to the lower levels of content sharing out on social media. While social media usage usually occurs after all the link building […]

Design Showcase: Brands and logo transformation

Apart from their products and services, brands only have one solid identifier: their logo. With the fast-changing consumer demands and preferences, it’s necessary for companies to keep up with the interest of their target market. Because as much as search engine optimization helps on the overall visibility of your site on search engines, the impression […]

Digital Marketing Tips – How to beef up your Facebook page

We all know how powerful Facebook is. To say that Facebook is one of the leading social networking sites is an understatement. To put it more lightly, Facebook is the social networking site for both personal and business use.   Having a Facebook page for business is essential. In this day and age, being alive […]

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