From new haircuts to freshly ironed suits, people prepare hard for job interviews to get the position they are applying for. The same is true for the web design of a business in Singapore.


You should know that your website presents your brand online. If it looks sloppy, outdated, and hard to navigate, visitors will not think twice and leave right away. Sure enough, you would not want that, which is why you should try to make the best first impression possible by creating the perfect homepage.


What exactly is the perfect homepage?


As an expert in web design services in Singapore, we always mentioned to our clients that a homepage is like their online business card. It is most likely the first thing that potential customers would see when they land on the website. Even if it is not, they will surely pass by as they explore every page

5 Elements a Website Homage Must Have

1. Introduction

It is like the teaser of a movie, whereas you will introduce a few things about your business. Here, you can add a welcome message, an image slider of your offer or the things you have done for your previous clients. 


Just make sure the visuals you will place here are simple, concise, and for images and videos, they should be in high resolution. As a result, the web design of your company would look pleasing at first glance.


2. Offering Directory.

Once you have captured the visitor’s in the introductory part, the next thing they will look for is the products you are offering. These can be the products you sell or the services you will do for them. 


To guarantee they will find what they are looking for, list down the things you offer by category.  Here is a good example of what you should do. 


Web Design Offering Directory


As you can see in this photo, there are subcategories under a category. Doing this in the web design of your company makes the visitors understand what you are offering, 


3. About Us

Whether you sell products or services, all businesses interact, connect, and transact with people. That is why building relationships with the people visiting your website is not a bad idea. Doing so would help gain their trust and interest to discover more about your business and why they should get the things you offer. 


To do so, make sure you would include the following inside the About Us page:

  • Who you are as a company
  • What you do
  • A picture of you or your team at work.


4. Customer Reviews.

Another way to gain the trust of your visitors is by adding customer reviews on your website homepage. You should know that it is hard to promote products and services without leaving any proof that they are effective and worth it. 


That is why it is wise to have this section when you build the web design. Here, visitors could read feedback from your previous and current customers. These testimonials have everything they could expect once they hire or make a purchase from your business.


Do you want the people visiting your website to make more engagement with your business? Then you should include the link to all your social media platforms. There, they could get the latest news, content, promotions, and other things that are happening to your brand. 


A good web design can attract customers and also improve the business’s credibility. That is why instead of setting the website homepage yourself, invest in web development and rely on experts in Singapore. 


Need help optimising the web design of your company or other pages of your website? Let OOm lend you a hand. Just leave us a message about your plans and ideas, and we will make them come to life and be your digital platform.

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